The Secret of Living Fear Free in 2003

by Regginald Brown

The computer, radio, internet, automobile and even the microwave had it's detractors and negative reactions when pioneers introduced these ground-breaking products. The main reason for their negativity was based in unadulterated Fear, pure and simple.

Do you realize the strength and courageousness these pioneers had to have in order to persevere through the negative talk and outright un-belief. Not to mention the people who would deliberately sabotage your dream just because you had one. They tried to put fear in these pioneer's heart, but the real over-comers kept on plugging away until their dream came true.

One thing is absolutely certain. The hardship these great men and women would go through and the period of great tribulation because of their faith in what they were doing. There was un-belief in the very same people they were trying to help. It really takes a special person to help someone when they don't even believe in you or your project.

As you know, anything new or unusual will be met with resistance. Legends like Bill Gates and Steve Jobs had to go through it most certainly. Guys like Bill Gates or anyone who loved computers back then were considered Nerds. Now everyone wants to emulate them because they struck it rich literally. They can finally say, "I told You So." I really doubt that anyone of those pioneers new their success would be so big and their contribution so great.

This article's purpose is not to puff up the egos of the pioneers. My main concern is to drive home a profound truth made famous by the people at Nike. Yes, you guess it, "Just Do It." Don't let Fear rob you of the Success that is yours to have. People like Bill Gates, Corey Rudl, and Marlon Sanders didn't have time to sit around and say, "Maybe they are right" and talk themselves out of their fortunes, letting fear rob them of millions. They didn't know the magnitude of what they where doing. They could only dream and imagine.

Despite the dream-snatchers and the negative press, they just stood behind their goals and changed the world; theirs as well as millions of others. People by nature are jealous and envy is nothing more than a cancer. Jealous people don't think about being creative themselves. They are just to busy tearing down people and projects to do anything themselves. It's a waste really, because we each have so much to offer the world.

My advice for the dream-snatchers and for you too, is to "Just Do It." It doesn't matter what your calling is, "Just Do It." It doesn't matter what anybody else says, "Just do It." Don't let anyone take your dream away, even if it looks like it will never happen. Keep believing. It will happen if you work hard enough and believe. But, just in case it never happens, just know you've given your all and be proud of that fact.

The Secret of Living Fear Free is to Simply, "Just Do It" If you would like to learn from someone who inspired me to do just that, including changing my entire attitude then you really need to check out Marlon Sanders. Here's his link: Come and see me at for more great articles and marketing tips.

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