A Tale of Two eBooks

by Andy O'Bryan

It was a hot, steamy night. The ceiling fan was going much slower than the cooling system in my PC. The heat was getting to me, but I was still surfing, trying more and more ways to get that one eBook that would change my life forever. What would it be tonight: Earn $30,000 in 30 Seconds? Hey, sounds good. Oh wait, here's another: The Complete Moron's Guide to Becoming Filthy Rich with No Money, No Ambition and No Effort Whatsoever. OK, now these sound a little too good to be true. But hey, there's a great guarantee on both, and it's really hot in here. I could use money for central air. So I'll go ahead, whip out that plastic and stock up on deposit slips. Ten minutes later. . . OK, the download emails are here. It won't be long now. I will have my fortune. My problems will soon be over. I feel better already. This is great. Three weeks later. . . Well I still have my day job. Good thing I didn't tell my boss off just yet. So what were those two eBooks I ordered a few weeks ago, and what was it they said they would do again? For the life of me, I can't remember. I'm on to other things, like paying bills, watching TV, surfing for more eBooks, playing with the kids, in other words: Life. If this even remotely sounds like you, chances are you have some eBooks sitting on your hard drive. Here are some ways to keep your eBook shopping in perspective.

  1. When the confirmation email for your eBook purchase arrives, save it or print it.
  2. eBooks are obviously virtual, and most are way too long to print. So since the only place you can read them is when you're at your PC, keep a notepad handy and jot down important concepts so at least you can read those somewhere else.
  3. Don't be quick to get a refund. Chances are there were things you liked and used in the product. Many eBook authors these days are average folks like you and me, spilling their heart, soul and hard earned expertise into those virtual pages. Read it thoroughly before dismissing it.
  4. If you decide to ask for a refund however, please delete the eBook from your computer immediately. If you don't, and continue to use it after getting your money back, you might as well have shoplifted the thing. You wouldn't walk out of a store while wearing clothes you tried on, would you?
  5. Put the eBook into a favorites folder or a directory you access often. This way it won't get lost with the gazillion other things you have stored, turning your PC into a virtual sock drawer with no mates. eBooks have revolutionized the way we retrieve and utilize information about every conceivable topic. How we keep track of them is as important as the information itself.

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About the Author

Andy O'Bryan is a writer living in upstate New York. He has developed ebook tracking software ( http://www.ebooktracker.com ), and has written ebooks on employee incentive programs (http://www.incentivetoolkit.com) and alternative ideas for bonus products (http://www.bonus.incentivetoolkit.com). He is also the publisher of Incentive Toolkit Weekly ezine with 3,300 subscribers.

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