How To Legally Steal Your Next Vehicle

10 Helpful Tips To Save $$$$$$

by S. E. Day

We can all agree that the car-buying experience is one of the worst experiences a person can endure. The haggling of prices, the pressure sales, and the intimidation can all take their toll on consumers. Dealers must sell cars, salespeople must sell cars, by any means necessary and don 't take no for an answer. The following are ten (10) important tidbits of information that will help consumers get the best car deal they possibly can at the best interest rate.

About the Author:

S. E. Day is the founder and president of Automotive Liaison Services, LLC., a successful consulting and negotiating firm built on Biblical fundamental business principles. Mr. Day is an expert negotiator with an extensive and diverse professional background. Mr. Day enjoyed a career in automobile sales, management and finance. In addition to learning the specifics of auto industry sales secrets and tactics, those years helped to develop his "natural salesmanship" talents. He quickly saw that he was an effective negotiator and actually enjoyed negotiating as an art. Mr. Day recognized that his years on the "selling end" of the auto industry prepared him to be on the "buying end", professionally representing the consumer's best interests. Mr. Day believes that all aspects of real life are negotiable. Therefore, everyone should learn and practice the graceful art of negotiation in their personal and professional relationships, and as a means of saving money for their businesses. Combining this expertise with his experience as a lecturer and seminar facilitator, this dynamic speaker has found an effective means of educating and inspiring others. Mr. Day is also the author of How to Legally Steal Your Next Vehicle & Save Thousands, a user friendly, consumer informational guide to effective automobile negotiations. Through this text, he is able to reach and teach millions of nationwide consumers.

S.E. applies many viable and practical philosophies including Biblical principles as well as the tried and true principles of Andrew Carnegie as taught by Napoleon Hill. The power of prayer, submission & release, coupled with the power of positive thinking, added to faith and heart leads to fulfillment of our individual purpose. SE states "I believe that the teachings of the masters, the fundamental truths, weigh far more heavily in our success than any formal education can ever create in our minds." S.E uses his public speaking skills and other God given talents, wisdom and skills to guide, instruct and lead others to the realization of their own worth and desires. His goal in facilitating workshops and seminars is to teach and encourage others to "Celebrate Life" as he uses his universal "Principles for Enhancing the Soulful You". He also shares his knowledge in a seminar entitled "The Graceful Art of Negotiations". S.E. also states " I believe that faith is indeed the essence of personal growth and success and all that we can desire, we can conceive, we will achieve with belief and proper application of ourselves

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