Living Sane In An Insane World!

by Richard Vegas

When strong emotions such as love, faith, anger, and hate are mixed in the form of a passion for something one strongly believes in, they create a driving force that will move mountains, calm storms, cure disease, cause destruction and acts of violence that defy explanation.

Get To The Bottom Of It!

What causes a passion for something so strong that brings about these types of ambitions? The strongest passion of all I believe is love. So, if the love is present, what empowers it? If it's hate, what empowers it?

Someone can have a destructive passion, in the name of love, and cause events like 9/11. What ever the force is, for the sake of this article, let's call it go-power.

Whether the motivation is love or hate, the intensity of the go-power behind it is the driving force that makes it happen. Go-Power is the inner urge that gives action to all worthwhile emotions and destructive ones.

Go-Power can be used to acquire riches, health, happiness, and to do good for others. It can be used to hurt others. Whether good or bad, the inspiration to action will motivate someone to act in a manner that is consistent with their habits.

Letter Perfect!

You've heard it said, "Seek and you shall find". This is a universal truth and it applies to seeking love, knowledge, wisdom, and all the desirable things this world has to offer. Someone could also seek and find all the insane things this world has to offer.

What motivates a person to pursue the insane things? Without getting into stuff that is way out in left field, let's just say in one word, habit! We are creatures of habit and habit is the underlying go-power that keeps it alive and perpetuating itself in our lives. Whatever it is!

The famous Psychologist William James said, "If we act as if we feel in any given way, in time, our feelings will catch up to our actions." When that happens, you have formed a habit that will be part of your personality and character and, stronger than a garlic milkshake.

The time period for this habit to form is between 20 and 30 days. And, if that time has passed, it'll hair-lip bear creek before you break it. Once it becomes a habit, you break it or change it with a different action of 20 to 30 days.

I know this is going to be controversial, but I'm going to say it anyway. You can change any feeling you have, any habit you dislike, and any response you exhibit during a stressful moment, just by performing an action that is just the opposite of the former and, keeping that action for 20-30 days!

Their Tower Of Strength!

We use the same principle to teach pilots and astronauts. They can't always see what's out there, so they are trained to believe whatever their instruments tell them. And, then they act on it. If their instruments tell them the moon is made of green cheese, they believe it. That's habit!

When your right hand doesn't know what your left hand is doing, you've formed a habit. When you can do something, something good hopefully, without thinking, you've formed a habit.

Ask anyone who smokes why they reach for a cigarette right after a meal or a drink. Their mind is programmed with a habit that their body is in agreement with. The more the body does it, the stronger the habit becomes. The stronger the habit becomes, the more the body does it.

So, whether the act is desirable or undesirable, it is all coming from a habit that has been formed over a period of time. How does a person get hooked on alcohol or drugs and then begin an unhealthy and undesirable lifestyle?

Try As You May!

It all started with forming a habit. The addiction to the substance did not happen the first time they used it. The addiction happened over a period of time of use. Can anyone become addicted to any substance if they never touched it? I don't think so!

This makes me give some thought to the mind set of the people who perpetrated 9/11. Somewhere in the lives of those terrorists the habit of hate was formed. And, I think we, at least I think, we can say they are addicted to hate. Maybe they think it's in the name of love, who knows?

To you and me this is insane. To them it's as natural as falling off a log. In their mind, they have to kill; "they can't not kill." Even killing can become a habit and the more it is done it will feed the go-power to fuel that habit; An insane world!

Blind Leading The Blind!

They have convinced themselves that they are doing the world a favor by killing. Again, you and I think this is insane. But, it goes to show the force of go-power present in an individual whom has programmed his self with an undesirable habit.

Personally, I think we should call it brain washed rather than programming, but the fact remains, that an insane habit can be as strong as any habit that later became an addiction to drugs or alcohol.

So, how should a sane person live in an environment where insane killing and mayhem are running rampant? Here, I believe, is the most important thing we can do! At all costs avoid developing the habit of hating the people responsible.

Hate is a poison. If you feel you can hate selectively, you're playing with dynamite and hate is going to have the last laugh. You're placing yourself in a position where the go-power in hate can rise at any given moment and be directed toward anyone at anytime.

It Goes Without Saying!

You may feel confident that all the hate is directed to certain people. But, just having the hate for one person or organization of people, makes you vulnerable to exercise it toward anyone at anytime. Remember, it can become a habit just like any other undesirable emotion.

Hate is a deceiver and will cause you health problems. You will become the slave of the person you hate. They are all you will be able to think about. Instead, what should we do is, form the habit of love for the sake of our own health.

Even if you feel you can't love someone who has really hurt you, try this; don't focus your ability to love on the person you dislike. Don't even think about that person. Just focus on your ability to be a loving person.

Keep Camp Fires Burning!

Just do "actions" that are loving, even if you do them to yourself. In doing so, you will become healthier, wealthier, and wiser in an insane world.

Richard Vegas ©

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