15 Mailorder Plans You Can Sell!

AT LAST! What everyone has been waiting for! 15 NEW mailorder reports that are RED HOT SELLERS! These are not the same plans that have been making the rounds year after year. THESE ARE BRAND NEW! We wrote them and now you can buy them at the low, LOW PRICE of ONLY $7.00 FOR ALL 15 REPORTS! After you purchase these from us, you have our permission to REPRINT and SELL these reports JUST LIKE WE DO! You can also have this circular reproduced and place your name on the bottom where our now appears. This is a complete business and your only investment is $7.00

Here is the list of plans you will receive:

1. What Is The Easiest and Most Profitable Mail Business To Start?
2. How To Save Up To 75% On Your Advertising Costs!
3. Six Secret Formulas That Will Bring In The Dollar Bills!
4. How To Operate A Print Shop With No Press, Paper Or Overhead!
5. Make Big Money Selling A Secret Teenagers Really Need!
6. How To Collect Names Easily And Sell For Up To $5.00 Per !00!
7. A Product You Can Sell To Everyone!
8. How To Get Free Mailing Lists, Free Stamps And Envelopes!
9. How To Write Classified Ads That Get Orders!
10. How To Get Orders In Your Mailbox 365 Days A Year!
11. A Mailorder Business You Can Start With No Investment!
12. How To Make Big Money Mailing Postcards!
13. An Easy Way To Get Thousands Of Free Commission Circulars!
14. How To Make Big Money With Your Daily Newspaper!
15. How To Publish Your Own Ad Sheet For Big, Big Profits!

These reports are the best we have ever sold. We don't say that because we wrote these reports, but because the other reports we have seen are so badly written and so poorly printed that we would be ashamed to sell them to anyone. THESE ARE THE BEST WE HAVE SEEN and your cost to start this venture is ONLY $7.00! Your only outlay in addition to buying these reports from us is the price your printer will charge you to print these reports. Even the high-priced printers charge no more than a few pennies a copy and you will still make a HUGE PROFIT! Also ask your printer to print this circular for you and to place your name and address where ours now appears. then mail as many of these circulars as you possibly can. When orders come to you, simply stuff the copies that your printer has made for you into an envelope and send them to your customer. What could be easier? This is the easiest business we have every heard about and the MOST PROFITABLE! Selling information is where the BIG BUCKS ARE and you can get your share by selling information. JUST LIKE WE DO! Send $7.00 to us today and not only can you reprint the 15 REPORTS, but you can also print this circular. We will send you a black and white camera ready copy at no additional cost, with your order. GOOD LUCK!


YES. Here's my $7.00 and two first class stamps for postage. Please rush my order to me at once.


NAME _____________________________________________________







Every business needs printing. If you can provide everything from business cards to specialty items like duplicate forms, you can earn a large, annual income without owning a printing press. A mail dealer in the state of Florida has successfully sold specialty printing for nearly 20-years and has never owned a can of ink, set the type for a letterhead or wrapped an order to be shipped to an out-of-town customer. This man is known as a PRINTING BROKER or PRINTER'S AGENT. He contracts jobs and ships the orders to a large printer in another state. He sells business cards at $20.00 per thousand and keeps $12.00 commission for himself. His orders are promptly filled in one working week. Last year he earned top dollar as a printer and didn't own a press, nor did he go to the trouble to do any of the hard labor.

This business can be run by anyone, anywhere. It can be operated full or part time. The investment is ZERO. Your only cost may be for 1,000 business cards, your business can grow (locally) to fantastic proportions INSTANTLY if you can offer the same business cards for HALF of what everyone else is charging.

To start your business, look through the pages of mailorder publications and locate printers which operate near you, or no more than 300 to 500 miles away. Write to these printers requesting their LOWEST RATES as you are a PRINTING BROKER and can ship a lot of order to them. After you locate a good printer, run the following classified ad in your local paper.

WHOLESALE BUSINESS PRINTING, Save up to 50% on business cards, letterheads, envelopes, forms, etc. Call: (Your phone number here) or write: (your name and address here).

After you get the above ad into print, you will be surprised at the number of calls you will receive.


Do you want to have your mailbox loaded with dollar bills? It's not too difficult to do if you know how! Printed below are SIX SECRET FORMULAS that can bring you much success. The SECRET to getting the dollar bills EVERYDAY in your mailbox is to remember only one quote: "An ad a day is what makes mail order pay". In other words, if you can place one ad DAILY in a small ad sheet, paper or magazine, you can count on getting DAILY orders. When the order begin to come in, YOU MUST INVEST at least HALF of all the money you receive back into MORE advertising. Here are the SIX SECRET FORMULAS that sell very well and the ad you can use to sell them:

MAKE YOUR OWN athletes foot remedy, washing powder, fly spray, glue, water softener and weed killer. Send $1.00 for these formulas.

ATHLETES FOOT REMEDY, Stir 4 ounces of Borax into 1 gallon of water. Apply to feet to stop itch.

WASHING POWDER, Mix together 15 parts Sodium Sesquicarbonate with 5 parts Trisodium Phosphate. To use, add to the wash water like any other washing powder.

FLY SPRAY, Dissolve 2 ounces of Paradichlorbenzine into 1 quart of water. A little oil of Cloves can be added to scent.

LIQUID GLUE, Dissolve 6-3/4 ounces of Calcium Chloride by boiling in 20 fluid ounces of water. Allow to cool, then drop in 3/4 pound of Glue (1-3/4 strength).

WATER SOFTENER, This is a plain mixture of Soda Ash or Pearl Ash to soften hard water.

WEED KILLER, Mix 1 pound of Ferrous Sulphate into 3 gallons of water. To use, spray over the weeded areas at sundown so that the mixture does not evaporate under the heat and rays of the sun.


Saving money on advertising is very simple. You can actually get your ad into four publications for the price of ONLY ONE. The SECRET is to use classifieds instead of display ads. Since most publications charge from $10.00 to $20.00 per inch, you will note that classified sections can be a BIG SAVINGS!

A one-inch ad in POPULAR ADVERTISER - a favorite magazine for more than 50 years - is $9.00. An adlet runs just 16› per word. If your ad runs 20-words or less, you can get your ad printed for about $3.00. That's a savings of $6.00. Common sense should tell you that if people are going to read a publication, they will see a small ad as well as a large one. Why spend large sums of money when a much smaller sum will do just as well? About 60% of the publications I receive have classified columns. Many times a one-inch ad runs for three or four times what a classified would cost. Many of these publications have one or two hundred display ads but only a page - or less - of classifieds.

Save money by using more and more classifieds. Remember that a small ad is best used to get inquiries or to sell small items selling for only a dollar or two. DON'T try to sell an item costing five or ten dollars when you use only 15 to 20 words in your classified. Non-display ads CAN SELL FOR YOU! USE THEM and SAVE up to 75% on your advertising budget.


There are several. But I suggest being the dealer (agent) for a larger company that can drop-ship your orders for you. This way you have no investment, except a few dollars for advertising. You don't even need business envelopes or a typewriter to operate this kind of business. I suggest reading through many publications and picking one or several offers that attract you. Since the majority of dealers are looking for agents to sell their products for them, you are a PRIZE THAT MOST companies are looking for. They cannot make money if they do not have individuals like you to sell for them.. Most of these companies will supply you with camera ready ads to run over your name, circulars, sales letters and other money-making literature. Many BIG TIME DEALERS never stock a book, have no employees and don't even have office space, yet they sell books by the thousands for companies that are book printers. Other dealers sell merchandise and never stock a single box, nor do they wrap one package for shipment to a customer. The supplier does this for the dealer who has his items drop-shipped for him. You can do it too! Many dealers selling books through full page ads in the national tabloids are just small dealers, or would-be mail dealers, like you and I. But they started small and grew into big companies without the work of the supplier.

One California mail dealer earns $100,000 a year doing nothing but placing ads in various periodicals and then he sits back and waits for the orders to come in. Then he opens the envelopes, takes out the checks, and sends the original order letters on to the supplier. Then he sits back again and waits for more orders to come in. What could be simpler? You can do it too! Start looking for supply houses and REAP YOUR REWARDS!


If you intend to stay in the mail order business, you will have to learn how to get the right customers for your offers. It isn't difficult to locate the right buyers for the items you have to sell. But learning how can take many years of trial and error.

The best way to get orders is the Direct Mail Method. This method is the most successful and most used of all the options open to dealers. Direct Mail is simply described in most instruction manuals as that branch of mailorder in which offers of various types are mailed directly to names obtained from mailing list suppliers of names taken from phone books, etc. All these methods are fine, but you have to pay for the names. This, of course, cuts into your profits.

For years I have gotten FREE names, FREE envelopes and FREE postage stamps using the BEST METHOD ever created to get REAL buyers. How do I do this?

Some years ago I placed a small classified in one of the best periodicals in the business. The ad offered free information about making money at home. That ad cost me very little and brought in several hundred replies. However, I didn't request any postage, which I should have done. Presently I run an ad much like the one I ran a few years ago, but now I ask for an addressed, stamped envelope. My replies aren't as great as they were before, but I get plenty of FREE stamped envelopes.

If you have a good piece of information that can be cheaply printed on one side of an 8 1/2 x 11 sheet of paper, then you can offer this FREE as described in the outline above. When requests for the information pour in, stuff other information (circulars) into the envelope with the requested material. Most likely you will get several bites in addition to the other item you wished to sell.

Let's say that you sell books by mail. If you can offer a FREE CATALOG to inquiries, then you will get MORE than your share of replies. Offering FREE INFORMATION is the BEST WAY to get FREE NAMES, FREE STAMPS and FREE ENVELOPES. TRY IT!


A California woman had the formula for a terrific Sun Tan Lotion. Instead of investing her time and money in the manufacturing of the lotion, she sold the formula instead. Her ad appeared in dozens of magazines and she made a very nice profit. Her ad read as follows: "MAKE YOUR OWN SUN TAN LOTION for pennies. Sell to neighbors and friends for BIG profits. Send $1.00. Here is the formula she sent to those who ordered it from her:

SUNTAN LOTION: Items Needed: 1 ounce of Quinine Sulphate; 2-1/2 ounces of Witch Hazel; 5 ounces of Lanolin; 3-1/2 pints of Peanut Oil. Melt Lanolin with Peanut Oil over low flame. In another container dissolve the Quinine in Witch Hazel. Add this to the warm mixture. Mix everything together and put up in 6 or 8 ounce bottles. It takes time to make this product, but you will find it to be a good one that does the job.

It is a known fact that many individuals make a comfortable living selling all types of formulas through the mails. If plans can be successfully sold by others, I am sure you can do so too! If you have something unusual or an item not found in stores, sell the product or the recipe (formula). The best way to make money in mailorder is to be your own source of supply.


If you are a newcomer to mailorder and looking for something to sell WITHOUT LAYING OUT ANY INVESTMENT, I suggest that you try the following business which anyone can operate. Begin by collecting names and addresses from various sources such as mailing lists appearing in most mail order magazines. Neatly type these names on address labels which are available from any stationary store. Advertise your mailing list in several ad sheets and trade publications, as follows:

OPPORTUNITY SEEKERS NAMES ON GUMMED LABELS, 100 for ONLY $3.00 from: (Your name and address appears here).

This is a splendid way to start a small business and your profits can be doubled and tripled if you type duplicates, using carbon paper. Another way to make more profits from an addressing business is to run this profitable ad over your name:

RECEIVE DOZENS OF BIG MAILS FOR 25›! Send name and address with 25› to: (Your name and address here).

When the quarters and names begin to come in, type the names in duplicate and file the original order letter for future use. The quarter received can be used to purchase more ad space and the names can be sold over and over again as these are people who are buyers and desire to receive any type of offers. If this outline is followed to the letter, anyone can earn many thousands of dollars during the year.


Typed below is a classified ad which you can run over your name, and the information with which to fill your orders. This is called an ALL-PROFIT AD and pays you 100% PROFIT on ALL ORDERS that you receive and fill yourself.


When orders are received, send your customers the following instructions that are medically proven and work.

HOME REMEDY FOR PIMPLES AND BLACKHEADS: Wash your face at least three times daily using a non-irritant soap (such as Oatmeal). Spend at least 5 minutes bathing the face. Be sure to use water that is HOT, but not uncomfortable. Then apply more soap and use a rubber complexion brush (available at most drug stores). Brush-scrub the face gently, but thoroughly. Then rinse in clear, cold water until the last particle of soap has been removed. WATCH YOUR DIET CAREFULLY! Stay away from fried foods, red meats, hot dogs, adulterated foods like white breads and rolls, cakes and pies, soft drinks and other "junk foods". Eat plenty of vegetables (steamed not boiled), fruits and whole grains like brown rice, millet, barley, whole wheat breads and oatmeal. Drink plenty of water and stay away from dairy products (use skim milk instead). In just a few weeks your complexion will be clear and spotless. If it is not, you are not following the diet to the letter! If you have a sweet tooth, substitute some Raw Honey, Rice Syrup (available from health food stores) and Barley Malt. Stay away from soft drinks and DON'T use Sodium Saccharin or any other artificial sweeteners. These can cause cancer. Since the human body goes through drastic changes at puberty, it is not unusual for poorly fed teenagers to have chemical problems that are made worse by improper diet. Keeping the glands from absorbing adulterated and grease-soaked foods can actually allow them to perform without any additional medical treatments. If skin eruptions continue to occur, see your family doctor. Eliminate more animal proteins and substitute more grains such as Brown Rice if the face does not have the clear appearance that you desire. Whole grains supply sufficient B-vitamins and minerals, plus a generous supply of protein when eaten in large amounts (at least 1 cup per meal). Small amounts of dry beans (not canned) can be added to form complete proteins like those found in animal foods.


One of the biggest mail dealers in North America has earned enormous profits by circulating his sales messages on postcards. He doesn't pay any postage, gets his mailing lists for FREE and spends only a few dollars each month on advertising costs. He regularly tests the sales appeal of NEW items, using this method of alerting the public to stock availability. He is usually the only immediate source of many items.

When this inventive dealer started his business he had only a few dollars to invest. He came upon a plan in which his total investment would be cost of a small classified ad. He offered FREE INFORMATION in which could put extra money in the pockets of housewives. The ad read:


When the stamps began arriving, he affixed them to a postcard which carried the complete information of his proposal in about 100 words. The offer was of the homework-type making aprons, towel holders and potholders. He explained in simple language how an hour or two each day could provide an additional $25 to $50 weekly. All the individual receiving the postcard advertisement had to do was remit a small payment to the dealer and supplies were sent to her. When the work was completed and returned to the dealer, he then sent her payment to her. He then sent the finished product to a wholesaler who send the mail dealer his check.

The operation is very profitable and can be run many different ways. If you have just one good item to sell, you can do this also. Many national companies need people to make products at home and need a MIDDLE MAN to get the business for them. Handicapped people are perfect for this type of work.


Thousands of mail order ad-sheets are published every month. Most of them are printed inexpensively by mimeograph. Others incorporate reading material which increases the number of readers. Articles written on the subject of mailorder are incentives for the readers to get MORE INVOLVED in the business of operating a home enterprise. Publishing the advertising messages of other individuals is a great responsibility. If one is not dependable or disciplined in carry-out the duties of publishing, then this business should NOT be attempted! The work involved can be as simple as you make it, or complicated. It cannot be put-aside to be done at a later date, as publishing means KEEPING A SCHEDULE, no matter how tired or involved in something else you might be.

Starting a publication is very simple and can be quite profitable. There are two routes to take in laying-down the ground floor for a proposed publication: You must decide whether you want to set the ad copy on the typewriter or computer-typesetter, or accept ONLY Camera-Ready Ads from clients. Copy that is camera-ready is anything that is ready to be printed and needs no typesetting. The latter is BEST for new publishers as the only work involved is pasting-up the Ads.

To get a new publication on the road to prospering, it is best to advertise the first few issues at a DISCOUNT RATE. In other words, cover your printing costs, but keep your advertising rates LOW ENOUGH to obtain as many accounts as is possible for the first issue or two. The FOLLOWING AD will bring in many advertising accounts to you:


The above Ad should be placed in several publications to insure a good number of incoming orders. Your next step is to give your publication a GOOD name. The EASY METHOD is to look through a magazine or newspaper and clip out an eye-catching HEADING such as: BARGAIN SALE, DISCOUNT DAYS or anything else that you feel would be suitable as a NAME for your publication (also called MASTHEAD or LOGO).

The most difficult part of your work will be the paste-up. This can be easily figured-out by looking at other ad-sheets you have received in the mail. Remember to use a light blue or yellow pencil to draw lines and margins on paper, as these do not photograph, while pencil does. Accept ads on white or yellow paper ONLY, printed in black or red ink. Colored papers will come-out as a blotch when printed unless the printer has the facilities to "filter-out" color from individually colored ad copy. Always use rubber cement to do your paste-up and a cement eraser to remove globs of glue that might remain after you do the layout.

If you follow the brief outline I have given you, you should be making a nice income very shortly. Many small publishers, like myself, earn from $5,000 to $10,000 yearly printing ONLY ONE AD-SHEET or small paper.


Why pay for commission circulars when you can get them FREE? Many dealers get limitless numbers of circulars to mail at no cost to them. Their only expense is the price of postage to distribute them. Most of us have purchased commission circulars at one time or another, usually when we first started in this business. Newcomers usually try mailing circulars paying them a percentage of the profits as a business, while many continue as commission mailers for many, many years. Bigger dealers have made small fortunes mailing circulars for big companies and taking out their share of the profits after a sale is made. The Prime Source who supplied the circulars originally, dropships the order for the dealer who made the sale. Usually the split in the sale price is 50%.

There is BIG MONEY to be made mailing commission circulars and you can GET THEM FREE! The BEST WAY to get thousands of FREE COMMISSION CIRCULARS is to advertise that you want them. Use the ad which follows to get supply houses to send circulars to you. Mention HOW MANY YOU CAN HONESTLY MAIL when placing your Ad. It should read as follows:

"COMMISSION CIRCULARS WANTED! Must pay $1.00 or more. Can mail 500 monthly. Send clean, legitimate offers ONLY! Will acknowledge all circulars which are received."

Place the above Ad in as many publications as you can afford. I am sure you will be pleased with the results from this easily operated business.


Your daily newspaper is a GOLDMINE! It is worth hundreds of dollars to you if you know what to do with it. There are a dozen ways to make money with a newspaper. This is one, easy way.

Once mail dealer collects the daily Birth Notices and sells them to companies that specialize in baby items. They mail their catalogs to new mothers and this man makes a nice profit selling the names. Here is the small classified he uses in the mechanics magazines:

"NEW MOTHER'S NAMES! None over 45-days old. 100 names on labels, $5.00; 1,000 names, $30.00."

Another way to make money with your Daily Paper and Newspapers from other cities is to collect the names and addresses of NEW BUSINESSES listed DAILY in these papers. Some days as many as 50 or 100 new businesses are listed. You can sell them just as you sell the New Mother's Names. Use the following ad to sell these names:

"100 NEW BUSINESSES ON GUMMED LABELS, $5.00; 1,000 NAMES, $30.00."


Classified Ads are not the place to sell merchandise. The reason for the Classified Ad is to either get large numbers of inquiries to send additional information to,or to sell small items costing only a dollar or so. Don't try to sell an item costing several dollars through a classified ad! Since most classifieds contain only a few words, it is nearly impossible to give a potential customer all the information required to sell an item. Write your classified ads with words that will make the reader wish to send for more information! Or, do as I do when trying to create more business for myself: offer to send the reader helpful information without letting the reader know that the helpful information is a well-written circular designed to sell something or other. If you are selling a book about spare time, money-making opportunities, write an Ad like the one which follows:


When the reader requests the FREE INFORMATION, enclose the circular with some of your other offers. If your material is of some value, you will undoubtedly sell your material to a large percentage of those who answer your classified ad. Classified Ads should be used for inquiry advertising ONLY and not as a medium for selling merchandise the potential buyer knows nothing about. After all, the buyer can know little about what you are selling if you only have a small ad with a few words. He needs MORE INFORMATION, or you won't make a sale, or a dent in this business of mail order.

To write a GOOD CLASSIFIED AD THAT WILL GET ORDERS is not a difficult as one might think. Look over publications like the NATIONAL ENQUIRER and take note of the ads that continue to run year after year! These ads MUST PULL ORDERS or the advertiser would not continue to place the ad issue after issue, year after year. NOTE that most of these ads HAVE NOTHING WHATSOEVER TO DO WITH THE ITEM BEING SOLD. The ads are simply EYE-CATCHERS. An ad might read: "EARN $200 WEEKLY in your spare time." What the potential customer receives might be a bunch of circulars advertising fishing rods at discounts, vitamins, shoes and baby clothes. This might not be believable to you, so take some time and answer a few of these ads and list the addresses that you have requested information from and you will be very surprised at what you receive. We don't suggest doing business in this manner, but most of these advertisers realize that people don't answer their ad and no others. People who answer classified ads might request information from 10 or 20 different advertisers in any one paper or magazine, and the advertisers know this.

Use GRABBER-WORDS when you write your ads. Words such as FREE, BIG DISCOUNTS, SPECIAL OFFER, and son on are the words that never get old and BRING IN THE BACON. Use these GRABBER-WORDS in your ads and DON'T FORGET to keep your ads SHORT AND SWEET! The more words, the less readers you will have. People scan ads very quickly and read only those that CATCH THEIR EYE. 10 well-written words (not counting your company name and address) is all it takes to get a potential buyer if you use those GRABBER-WORDS and DON'T REQUEST stamps, self-addressed, stamped envelopes and other "ad killers". People are in a hurry and asking for a stamp or an envelope can actually kill-off 99% of those who have written to you for more information. If you can't afford to send the additional information to a curiosity seeker for free (you pay the postage), then DON'T WASTE YOUR MONEY ON EXPENSIVE CLASSIFIED ADVERTISING! You would do better to sell apples and pencils on a street corner.


Do you want to receive orders EVERYDAY OF THE YEAR? You can if you have a post office box and if you sell something that people want. I'll try to explain what people need so that you can profit from what I have learned over the years. Most dealers believe that a profit cannot be made unless items with large price tags are offered to the buying public. This is far from the truth. To keep the mail coming in on a regular basis it is important to use "good will" and "leader" items. These are good-pulling offers that keep the dollars rolling-in DAILY, in an average week leader items selling for a couple of quarters or a dollar can bring in dozens and dozens of orders. Offering valuable information, for example, with price tags of 50› and $1.00 build customer interest and can create regular, repeat buyers.

For years I have offered information for 50› and $1.00 and find that these are not only big sellers, but build customer trust and a mailing list that I can use over and over again. Most of my "cheap" offers are short, mini-folios containing only a few thousand (and helpful) words. My cost is only a few pennies to print. My profit margin is not enormous, with the present cost of envelopes, printing and postage, but those who send me quarters and dollars usually return with much larger orders. My repeat trade has always been above 50%. Selling information for a dollar or less may not seem very profitable to you but getting the names of interested mail buyers is the name of the game.

Selling Big Mails is an excellent way to get names of mail buyers. After you get 100 orders, you can sell these names for up to $5.00 per 100. You can get enormous response to your ads if you just use your imagination. If you have a particular piece of information that hasn't made the rounds, put the material in your own works and sell it. One dealer sells the addresses of several companies that offer wholesale printing and his ad reads as follows: "CHEAP PRINTING! List of 50 discount printers, $1.00." This ad produces 20 to 30 orders EVERY DAY OF THE YEAR. That is more than $9,000 a year from one, small classified ad. YOU CAN EASILY DUPLICATE THIS MAN'S EFFORTS, TOO! Simply sell a good piece of information and watch the dollars roll-in everyday! This is how to keep your mailbox full 365-days a year.


One man I know has turned "trash mail" into a profitable business. He saves every circular he receives as they are like money in the bank. He receives many orders for his OPPORTUNITY PACKETS at $1 and $2 each. Presently he is listed on dozens of mailing lists due to regularly writing for Free Information to dealers advertising in various publications. Everything he receives is saved in boxes and later stuffed into 6x9 kraft mailing envelopes, weighing 2 ounces each. His only cost to run his business is for the placement of the following classified ad in several national magazines:


The SECRET to making this Plan work for you is to place your classified ads in small newspapers and not in mailorder publications appealing to mail dealers. EVERYONE is looking for an EXTRA BUCK and this small AD will not only bring in the orders, but you will be helping others interested in making money at home locate a supplier that will dropship items for them. Since most of the offers are of the dropship type that this man mails to those replying to his Ads, he also helps the dealers who have something of value to sell. This business can be operated year 'round and MORE MONEY CAN BE MADE if you can offer circular mailing to other dealers. The man who runs this "trash mail" business charges $2.00 to mail 100 circulars (any size) for other dealers. Not only does he make a good living selling the circulars he receives in the mail, but he also makes EXTRA CASH by mailing the circulars of other mail dealers.

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