10 Mail Order Questions To Help You Succeed!

1. Which three mail order publications pulls in the most orders? (Plus a list of other publications that pulls in orders.) 2. Which mailing lists pull best? (This is inside information.) 3. Which kind of circulars pull best? (Typewritten, typeset, hand drawn, hand lettering or computer typesetting?) 4. What should YOU do if you get a letter from the Postal Inspector? 5. Which are the ten BEST mail order businesses to start? 6. What does it take to REALLY make money in this business? (It is not as easy as some say but it is also not as hard as others indicate.) 7. How to gross $500 from one 8 1/2 x 11 and have $300 profit after expenses. 8. No responses from your ads or circulars? (Find out how to tell if a publication or mailer really has pulling power or not!) 9. How to write a winning sales letter! (You will find out how to use some of the HOTTEST circulars in this business.) 10. Which is the best way to mail out your offers? (Envelopes, self-mailers, first class, bulk mail, etc? You will find out the BEST WAY!!)

"My business success depends entirely on helping others succeed." Now you can help others too.

Here's how: Simply purchase the answers to the mail order questions listed at right.. When your order is received you will receive a copy of the answers and also a copy of this sales letter. Place your name and address on the sales circular. Print and mail out as many copies of this circular as you can. When you get an order simply send a copy of the answer sheet to your customer. You MAKE $5 and you KEEP the whole $5. You become the PRIME SOURCE!! It's that EASY-- ORDER NOW

OK: Send me the answers to the mail order questions above. Plus a copy of this 8 1/2 x 11 circular. I understand I can reprint this entire mail order program and keep all the money myself. on this basis here's $5.


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Here is the program on the "10 MAILORDER QUESTIONS" that you purchased. Below are the answers to those questions. You will also find an 8 1/2 x 11" circular enclosed that you may use to sell this mailorder program. Simply put your name and address in the coupon on this circular, where our name appears and have copies made.. Mail out as many as you wish. When you get orders, all you have to do is send your customer a copy of this program. YOU KEEP ALL THE MONEY FROM EVERY SALE! This is a 100% PROFIT PROGRAM! You have complete reprint rights as though you had written the program yourself... You, in actually, have become a "publisher"!

If you do not wish to take the time to reproduce this program for your customers, you can purchase copies at wholesale discounts from Fun Mates Press... Order 10 copies for just $2 per copy.. This gives you a profit of 60%! (This means that for just $2.00 you will receive 10 complete programs, which have a resale value of $50.00!) Send orders to: Fun Mates Press - Dept W5-5, Box 6466, San Francisco, CA 94101. USA. (Price includes 4th class shipping. Add $2 if faster 1st class delivery is desired).

1. Which three mailorder publications pulls in the most orders. Plus a list of others that bring good responses: (A) "MONEY MAKING OPPORTUNITIES", 11071 Venture Blvd.,Studio City, CA 91604 (B) "OPPORTUNITY", 73 Spring St.,Suite 303, New York, NY 10012 (C) "SUCCESSFUL OPPORTUNITIES", 2801 Camino del Rio South, San Diego, CA 92108 For a sample copy and current advertising rates, write to any or all of the above. Direct your request to "Advertising Offices." Other publications with much lower advertising rates, that generally bring above average results: (D) "TIMELY TIPS", 721 N Williams St.,Paulding, OH 45879. Send them a self-addressed stamped envelope for a free sample copy. (E) "LEE HOWARD NEWSLETTER", Selective Books, Inc. Box 1140, Clearwater, FL 34617. Send thema postcard and request cost of sample cop (F) "POPULAR ADVERTISER", 993 Meadowlawn Dr.,S.E., Salem, OR 97301. Send legal-size self-addressed stamped envelopes plus loose first class stamp for sample copy. (G) "THE ENDLESS ADVERTISER", Dept EA-5/5, Box 6466, San Francisco, CA 94101. For more FREE advertising, include a second loose first class stamp and ask for their "Free Advertising" survey. For listings of over 100 mail order publications that you can get free, send $2 to: Fun Mates Press - Dept MM-5/5, Box 6466, San Francisco, CA 94101 ******

2. The BEST mailing list you can get get is one that you have compiled yourself from your own ads. The NEXT best mailing list is one that you buy (or rent) from a dealer who runs ads similar to the ads that you would run to attract the same types of customers. Contact any dealer that you find that is advertising the same type of product or service and see if you can work out a deal to use this list once he has processed it. Be sure to make it clear that you want names that are under 90 days old.

If you are considering buying mailing lists, two vital reports you should read are "10 Good Reasons For Not Buying Mailing Lists." and "How To Protect Yourself From Mailing List Rip-offs".. Both reports are available for only $3 from: Fun Mates Press - Dept MR-ML/5-5, Box 6466, San Francisco, CA 94101. ******

3. The BEST pulling circulars are the ones you design yourself.. If you have access to a decent typewriter and some "press-on" type, you can do a good job of putting together an effective ad or circular. Most stationery and artists supply stores carry large varieties of "transfer" type lettering And you can get small illustrations from dozens of sources.. But, be careful. Do not reproduce illustrations from any materials that bear a copyright notice, or you could get into trouble. Ask your printer for sources of illustrations. If you require a professional typographer, check the ads in mail order trade publications. One typographer that has been commend to us is: WOLF ENTERPRISES, 111 Carmichael Court, Cary, NC 27511. And for some excellent FREE advertising art samples that you can use for your own ads and circulars, send a self-addressed STAMPED envelopes plus loose first class stamp to: FUN MATES ART SAMPLES - Dept. 5-5. Box 6466, San Francisco, CA 94101. (They also have some good, instructive reports on designing and writing effective ads, layouts, how to prepare camera-ready copy, etc.. Ask them for free "Ad Aids" literature, when you order your free art samples). ******

4. If you are NOT mailing out chain letters or multi-level schemes with your name on them, you probably won't have to worry about ever receiving a letter from a postal inspector. However, if you DO receive one, simply sit down and answer it truthfully and immediately. If they mention that they think you may be promoting a certain program through the mail that they object to, STOP mailing other programs that you might be promoting. They usually tell you what one they are complaining to you about. Don't be alarmed if you usually tell you what one they are complaining to you about... Don't be alarmed if you get a letter from the postal inspectors. Unless you are REALLY doing something ILLEGAL,, ( and you will KNOW that, if you are), you have nothing to fear from the postal inspectors, so don't get a heart attack if you happen to receive one of their "intimidation letters".

If you are unaware of the various types of illegal schemes making the rounds, you should read "common Mail Order Rip-offs To Avoid", which could save you time, trouble, money and even embarrassment. This informative report is available for just $1 and a self-addressed STAMPED envelope from: Fun Mates Press - Dept. RO -5/5, Box 6466, San Francisco, CA 94101. ******

5. What are the ten mailorder businesses to start? A. Number one, of course, is "selling information".. Wanted information knows no season - it sells all year! There is always a great market for trade secrets, mailorder "do's" and "don't's", instructions, guides, reports, tips, etc.,etc, especially if they relate to earning money at home by mailorder that is in demand -- by mail order beginners and veterans alike. For some other great money-making "information programs" send a self-addressed STAMPED envelop to: Fun Mates Press - Dept 30-35R/ 5-5, Box 6466, San Francisco, CA 94101. B. Number two is "selling mailing lists". There is a constant need for names. If you have your own mailing lists, you can show a nice profit by offering it for sale - and re-selling it many times. If this type of mailorder business sounds interesting, you should read "How To Start Your Own Mailing List Business". Just send $1 and a self-addressed STAMP envelope to: Fun Mates Press - Dept FMS-02/5-5, Box 6466, San Francisco, CA 94101. C. Number three is "Money-making opportunities", These includes many methods for increasing income, full-time or sparetime, especially when directed to homwe workers and mailorder beginners. Almost everyone is interested in earning extra money. An excellent directory for over 70 businesses you can start and operate from your home is called "HOME INCOME GUIDE". You can get a copy for just $4 and a self-addressed STAMPED envelope. Order from: Fun Mates Press HOME INCOME GUIDE -Dept. 5-5, Box 6466, San Francisco, CA 94101/ D. Number four is "distributing commission circulars", Many dealers check every mailorder trade magazine for sources of commission circulars - and make good money from the commissions they collect. For fee sales literature on how you can get names of over 100 sources of free commission circulars - plus over 100 sources of free mailing lists, send self-addressed STAMPED envelope to: Fun Mates Press - Dept 2LS/5-5, Box 6466, San Francisco, CA 94101. E. Number five is "operating a printing & mailing service". Many dealers depend upon other reliable dealers to both print and mail their sales materials. If you can offer a low-cost, quality printing service & honest mailings, you'll have no difficulty in getting orders. F. Number six is "co-publishing" This is nothing more than selling advertising space in various publications for a commission. Most mailorder trade publications offer you a 50% commission for bringing them new advertisers. If interested, you should read "How To Co-Publish For Maxim Profits". This valuable report is just $1 from: Fun Mates Press - Dept R-02/5-5, Box 6466, San Francisco, CA 94101. G. Number seven is "selling money-saving ideas".. This includes ways to cut costs on business necessities such as postage, printing, supplies, advertising, wholesale sources, etc.. Also "budget-savers" in general, as how to save on food, gas, utilities, etc.. Also methods of turning useless items into cash. For literature on a number of money-saving ideas, send a self-addressed envelope and TWO first class stamps to: Fun Mates Press $$-Savers - Dept. 5-5, Box 6466, San Francisco, CA 94101. H. Number eight is "selling big mails". An envelope packed with money-making ideas, circulars, ad sheets, mail order magazines, etc.,always has great appeal. And if a "freebie" is added as an extra inducement, you won't have to worry about getting orders. A very helpful report is available entitled "10 Secrets For Making Money Selling 'Big Mails'" It is only $1 and a self-addressed STAMPED envelope. You can order it from: Fun Mates Press - Dept FMS-05/5-5, Box 6466, San Francisco, CA 94101. I. Number nine is "selling advertising space" for your own ad sheet, magazine, newspaper, etc.. Read "How To Publish Your Own $$$-Making Adsheet". Just $1 and a self-addressed STAMPED envelope from: Fun Mates Press - Dept FMS-08/%-5, Box 6466, San Francisco, CA 94101. J. Number ten is "selling rubber stamps" by mail. Every business needs these time-saving devices - especially mailorder. This market never stops growing. To get started in this lucrative business, check the ads for making and selling rubber stamps in such publications as "MONEY MAKING OPPORTUNITIES, "OPPORTUNITY" and "SUCCESSFUL OPPORTUNITIES", as mentioned it answer #1 at the beginning of this program.

There are a number of other excellent ways to make money in mailorder. For list of over 40 mailorder money-makers, read "What Sells Best In Mail Order Magazine". Order for only $2 from: Fun Mates Press - Dept ASD/5-5, Box 6466, San Francisco, CA 94101. ******

what does it take to really make money in mail order? The answer to that question is actually very simple: TIME! (And money, and persistence, and knowledge, etc.) The main thing is to find out what area of mail order is most interesting to you and stick to a schedule of advertising and mailing out circulars. After a certain amount of time, you will find out whether or not you can be successful in this,, or any other business.. Answer hundreds of ads. See how the other guys are doing it.. That is called "Paying your dues"...getting your "mailorder education"! You pretty much have learn it by doing it! Don't give up. Go for it!

One of the best sources of information on making money in mailorder is called "Mail Order Dealer's SURVIVAL KIT". This is an encyclopedia of priceless information and offers over 100 money-making, money-saving "trade secrets" that can make any mail order beginner's business a huge success. For free information, send a self-addressed STAMPED envelope to: Fun Mates Press - Dept. SK/5-5, Box 6466, San Francisco, CA 94101.

7. How can you gross $500 from a 8 1/2 x 11" circular and still have $300 profit after expenses? Simply start your own ad sheet using CLASSIFIED ADS. You can get about 60 ads on one side. About 40 on the front side. The trick is to type them on an 11" x 17" sheet of paper and then reduce them down to 8 1/2" x 11" size. Then have a print & mail dealer help you distribute part of your circulation for you. After you have done this a couple of times, you should be able to show a handsome profit on a regular basis.

if you are unfamiliar with "CR" (camera-ready) copy for your printer, you should read "Better Copies - 42 Ways To Make Better Originals", which could save you much time, effort, and money. This vital report is just $1 and a self-addressed STAMPED envelope, from: Fun Mates - Dept BC/5-5, Box 6466, San Francisco, CA 94101.

8. No response to your ads or circulars? here's how to test to see if a publication really pulls or not, even if your ad doesn't have any pulling power. You should get lists of un-solicited new offers from people who saw your ad and send you THEIR offers. Your name will be NEW to most of them.

Don't know where to advertise? Don't know how to write a good, response-pulling ad? Then, two reports you need to have handy are "How To Pick The Best Publications In Which To Advertise" and "15 'Do's And "Don't's" For Writing Powerful Mail Order Ads".. Get BOTH reports for just $2 and a self-addressed STAMPED envelope from: Fun Mates Press - Dept FMS-134 &14/5-5, Box 6466, San Francisco, CA 94101.

9. How to write a winning sales letter? You DON'T HAVE TO! There are dozens of already strong pulling circulars around that all you have to do is put your name on the circular, start mailing it out and collect money when orders come in to you. Many of these are 100% PROFIT type programs (such as this one you are holding in your hands right now!) When you buy the information, you also get the complete rights to reprint this entire program yourself. YOU, in essence, become the PUBLISHER of the information. You can't do better than 100% PROFIT! This is the QUICKEST, SMARTEST and most EFFICIENT way to get started in your own mailorder business.

For some of the best selling "100% commission" publications around today, see item #5-A of this program, above.

10. The BEST way to mail out your offers is in a mail order MAGAZINE format. People WILL read your circulars if you mail them out in a #10 size envelope, but if your circulars are in a MAGAZINE type publication, they tend to keep it around for a longer time.. It gets read and RE-READ.

And, of course, the cheapest way to mail you offers is via third class "bulk mail". Get full information from your local post office. But here's a tip you should know about: Use "precancelled" stamps instead of the "bilk mail" imprint on your envelopes. Surveys have found that envelopes with precancelled stamps are treated the same as "first class" mail by most recipients. Postage is one of every mailorder dealers biggest expenses! But, there are many ways to save on postage. For full information, read "19 Legal Ways To Get Free POstage".. This important, factual report is available for just $2 from: Fun Mates Press - Dept FP/5-5, Box 6466, San Francisco, CA 94101. ******

If you would like to have this program DROP-SHIPPED to your customers, this can be done by simply sending $2.50 and your shipping label or #10 (legal size) envelope with your customer's name and address on it, to: Fun Mates Press - Dept W/5-5. Box 6466, San Francisco, CA 94101. If first class delivery is desired, include Two 1st class stamps.

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