How To Start Your Own Mailbox Book Club

Book of the month clubs are million dollar businesses. Since many people live in rural areas where no library is available, these people purchase from 5 to 10 books at a time through the mail. They would rather buy books through the mail than travel into the city for them. A Pennsylvania man has started a book club in which people pay a yearly rate of $12 to receive all the books they can read. In addition to the $12 fee, they must also pay postage on all books they receive.

When they are finished with the books, they return them to the man so that the books can be sent to other people who wish to "rent" them. The book club business is operated by this man all year 'round. He belongs to 10 book clubs himself, and originally received his first selections for about $1 for every 5 to 8 books ordered. He started with about 50 to 60 best sellers and then began advertising his own book club. Renting a book is much cheaper than buying one, so your business should do quite well.

SUGGESTION: Make a list of all the books you have available and mail your list to interested people who will answer the following classified ad: "Don't buy books - rent them! List of top sellers FREE with stamp. (Your name and address)."

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