Save Hundreds Of Dollars And Valuable Time With The List Of Don'ts

by Chris Varsamis

I'm sure you have been through this confusion. You built a website in order to promote it and make money from the internet, you spend money and time sitting hours and hours and one day after few months when you didn't make a single dollar you realize that all this internet business and online marketing staff is hype. Right?


What you've done wrong is the tools and the promotion techniques you used. And let me be more specific:

  1. Remember the services promising 10,000 visitors to your site for 20-30 dollars? They also promise that they're unique real and targeted visitors. They ensure that they have unique IP addresses! To be honest they do bring these amounts of traffic to your site but what they don't tell you is that you won't have a single sale! Why? Because most of them use software, traffic robot scripts or traffic exchange programs. The outcome is that no one is going to buy anything from you or even subscribe to your newsletter. After all this kind of traffic is not targeted. So I suggest you avoid these services.
  2. Another case is free traffic programs (you know, you click your browser you see a website and you get your site viewed by another user), or even more you have automated hits programs where you sign to 5-10 these kind of programs, you sit and wait for huge traffic to load. The truth is that you get the traffic, you watch your counter stats exploding but when it comes to sales, not even one! Why? Because if you think you are the only one who thought about signing to multiple traffic programs and do at the same time something else you are mistaken. Other internet users thought that too! So don't! It's a waste of time.
  3. And of course there are FFA . Submit your ad to 7000 FFA and other classifieds and wait for the big bucks to roll in. Unfortunately it won't happen. No one is going to see your ad because they all use FFA and classifieds for submissions and not for searching opportunities and products. Is there anyone still believes that works?
  4. Other case is the mass mail services. It sounds like this- Send your email to 3.000.000 emails per day with a click of a button. You click a button once and you have your email to 90.000.000 emails per month! What about sales? None! No one is going to see your email because these emails are for subscriptions and not the real user's email address.
  5. A similar service is the email leads service. They promise you that you have access to 50.000-100.000 real email leads where you send your offer. Careful! You don't know where these leads came from, so if you use them is not unlikely to be accused of spam and your ISP closes you down terminating your account.
  6. Final the classic case is the search engines multiple submissions services. They submit your site to 600.000 search engines , links , directories e.t.c. You realize that you won't have a chance of succeeding top ranking to the big search engines since every search engine works in a different way and they don't accept multiple submissions.

So the next rational question is what really works in internet marketing? Here is a small list.

So I suggest you avoid the first six services and focus to the last I mention in the small list. Don't forget I used all these services for a long time and this conclusion came from my personal experience.

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Chris Varsamis is an internet marketing consultant to large corporations in Greece since 1998 and the owner of the online publication

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