Master the Art of Marketing

by Casey Karpinske

The Internet has created a whole new realm of doing business. A person now has the choice of either shopping the old fashion way, in person, or shopping in their underwear with a click of the mouse. The Internet has provided the world at our fingertips, and you want to do business on it. In order to successfully conduct business on the Internet, you need to master the art of marketing. To fully understand it, you must first know what it includes.

What is Marketing?

Marketing as the word implies, is directed towards the marketplace. In older times, marketing actually meant going to the market to buy food. At the broadest level, the function of marketing is to bring buyers and sellers together. A man looking to get out of his 9 to 5 job and spend more time with his family seeks the Internet and types in "work from home". Many sites are shown to him and he chooses one. Thus satisfying his need for an opportunity to start working from home. The marketing efforts, such as making the opportunity website and advertising it, has helped bring a buyer and seller together. A full understanding of marketing entails paying attention to the public's needs and wants. To be successful, you will need to pay close attention to your customer's needs. This will help you identify and interpret their needs before taking action. The marketing process begins with customer analysis even before the product is produced.

Marketing Defined

Marketing is the process of influencing voluntary exchange transactions in which one party in the transaction can be envisioned in some fashion as a customer of the other, the marketer. The art of marketing involves communication and demands a system to carry out the exchange of the product for cash. 5 fundamentals of marketing can be pinpointed:

  1. 2 or more parties need to be involved.
  2. Something is given up.
  3. Something is received.
  4. Some level of communication takes place.
  5. Some system performs the exchange.

In E-commerce, your website gives up a product or service for a price. During the exchange, both parties expect to receive something. Cash to satisfy the marketer, E-book or opportunity to satisfy the customer. Successful marketing involves using all your resources to create exchanges between the marketer and the customer so that both parties are completely fulfilled. The basic function of bringing marketers and customers together cannot be done without communication.

Keep Your Customers...Build that Relationship!

We have talked about marketing to your customers for the sale, but keeping the customer coming back can be more profitable. Marketers want customers for life. Successful marketers work to build long term relationships. Relationship marketing is the art of communicating the idea that a major goal of marketing is to build a long term relationship between the company and the parties who contribute to the companies success. Once a sale is made, successful marketers emphasis on managing the new relationships that will bring about future sales. Successful marketers view making the sale not as the end of the process but the start of a beautiful relationship. Satisfied customers who want to purchase more products or services in the future will return to the company who has treated them well in the past. If they or a friend need a related item, they know exactly where to turn to first. Nothing beats free advertising like word of mouth!

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