Web site strategy #1

"Buy or Goodbye"

by Pavel Lenshin

The first popular strategy for e-business websites we are about to discuss could also be described as a "Sale Focused".

The vastly known description to that kind of online presence is "mini-sale-site". I wouldn't support that description as I don't think it is complete enough. The term "mini" usually refers to a one-two-three page website, the only purpose of which is to sell some product/service. I should put here a big "BUT".

On the contrast to that meaning, I could give you numerous examples of content rich websites with two to three pages of 5-10 power articles and a site that consists of 20-50 pages of blatant sales letters.

That is why the main idea behind any "mini-site" is not a number of pages, rather then strict and unconsciously straightforward direction towards product/service selling. That is why any e-shop will meet "mini site" requirements as they are nothing more then a number of sales letters directed to turn the usual surfer into the buyer as quickly as possible.

Their TASKS are to:

  1. Present the visitor with a product/service;
  2. Reassure her/him that it is the best offer in the whole universe;
  3. Show them how they managed to live all that time without their product/service;
  4. Give them a guarantee that they will even be able to "fly to the Moon" tomorrow, if they buy what we offer today;
  5. and close the sale. If needed, capture your visitor's email and explain for the next 5 days, that they are losing their unbounded wealth with each day of purchase delay.


How long is the way?

Absolutely short. If you will come to one of those giant e-shops and be amazed by the structure and service complexity, you would better not, as their core consists of a big number of sales pages with a bunch of additional services. If you have already seen yourself in the chair of President or, at worst, Vice-president of such online giant reseller, all you need to do is setup one page sales letter web-site and then grow, grow, and grow.

If your name is similar to Bill Gates or George Soros, in other words you have a famous First and Last Name to sell as a trade mark, the only job left for you is to announce another "Killer Breakthrough Product" and emphasize for several times, that it is Yours. Then wait while a flood of people tear your offer apart leaving you all their money. They don't usually pay any attention to what you are actually selling.

If you are not so lucky and you don't also have rich content to prove that you are as good as your "neighbor" - Mr. The Best, you will have to spend your main business budget on promotion/advertising.

That is why PPC (pay-per-click) and PPS (pay-per-subscriber) are the main options, where you should spend your hard-earned "American presidents". eZine promotion shouldn't be forgotten.

Be sure that Search Engines won't like you from the very beginning and you will spend years of hard work and promotion before your TM is established and Search Engines are nothing left, but to admit that your site is really "Cool". The reason is simple. No relevant content = no relevant SE placement.


  1. Almost no preparation time. Just put it on the net. The sooner, the better.
  2. As mentioned above - automation leads to hands down business as a result.
  3. Quick servicing. "Buy or Goodbye" concept.
  4. Relatively quick money.


  1. Demands sustainable advertising funds as the main source of new prospects, unless you are a well-known expert with several thousands of grateful clients. SEs are not your friends until you are prosperous and recognized as a online reseller.
  2. Small visitor return rate as a result of total or partial content absence.
  3. Harder conditions for credibility building.

Get THE MOST of it.

To minimize Cons and maximize Pros you should start working on additional services and offers like publishing your own e-magazine or offer a free email course, offering free consultations, implement viral marketing strategies - everything you can do to make your visitor come to your site again.

That tactic makes your site more similar to the websites that utilize strategy #2. Meanwhile I can stress that these "excessive" efforts, on the one hand, make your hands bounded by additional work, but on the other hand, create a relatively steady website auditory by sustaining a dialog with prospects and therefore more attractive circumstances for recurring sales and maximizing profits.

About the Author

Pavel Lenshin is a full-time online marketer, who offers powerful information on how to efficiently develop Private Info Business. + Get Your FREE Website Optimization Report at: http://www.InfoAlchemist.com/optimum.html

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