Money Saving Tips

by Kristi Patrice Carter, J.D.
  1. Once a month, you should visit your local "Dollar Store." Although you'll find many useless products, you can find some high quality items. In many cases, the products cost one dollar or less. Before you shop, always call the Dollar Store and ask them when they expect a new shipment of goods. Then, schedule your shopping expedition that day or the following day. Last week, I went shopping at my neighborhood Dollar Store and spent $10.00. I bought potpourri, glass cleaner, furniture polish, and two toys for my daughter, one silk rose and three gift bags.
  2. Have you been thinking about buying a new computer or upgrading an old one? A Computer Trading Company can help. For a modest fee, they'll supply you with new or old parts to upgrade your computer. If you simply wish to sell your existing computer, they'll advertise it for you and find a buyer. If you prefer, they'll give you cash on the spot. If you decide to trade in your old computer for a different one, they'll do so. The good news is that most trading companies give you a one-year warranty on traded computers. Check your local telephone directory and give them a call. That old computer could be worth money!!!!!
  3. Instead of going out to eat, buy a really good cookbook and make your own meals. You can even attend a cooking class for a very low price. Most colleges and junior colleges offer inexpensive cooking classes. If you sign up early, you can usually get the "Early Bird Special" and save even more.
  4. Do you have a pet? You are probably spending way too much on their food. You should always shop at discounted pet stores and buy things in bulk. You could even join a pet club. For $10, you can purchase a Petland card called ClubPet that will enable you to save 10% on all your pet purchases. For those of you who have birds, I have a delightful birdie bread recipe that birds love. It is highly recommended by my veterinarian, and is more nutritious and cheaper than most bird seed. In fact, one batch costs $10.00 and lasts 2 ½ months. My Amazon eats like a pig and loves it. Send me (Kristi Carter, editor) a self addressed stamped envelope and I will mail you a copy.
  5. For those of you who have friends and family out of state, you can save money on your long distance carrier without changing your existing coverage. Sprint offers a Collegiate Fon Card especially for college students. They have special low rates from 7 pm to 7 am, seven days a week. When you sign up online at, you'll get a bonus 60 FREE minutes! You can even earn free long distance and other cool stuff throughout the year just for using Sprint, and as a valued customer, you'll be qualified for exclusive deals and special rate breaks. Call 1-800- 229-5237.
  6. Do you have any records or books that are sitting around collecting dust? You might be able to sell them to a used record or bookstore. Contact local stores and determine if they have any use for them. For those of you who wish to sell your textbooks, you should make an advertisement listing all your books and place them around campus with instructions for potential buyers to contact you.
  7. Whenever you pay for services, ask the manager if they offer student discounts. You'll be surprised at how many vendors are willing to accommodate you.
  8. You can save 20% to 50% on virtually every gift you buy if you shop smart. Here are a few tips: Shop at end-of-the season sales, look for overstock sales, and scan catalogs regularly, looking for deals.
  9. For those of you looking for a romantic date, you can take your sweetheart to see a Broadway show by obtaining discounted tickets available on the day-of, or evening of performances. Call your local theatre to inquire. If you are planning on visiting New York City, you can get half-price tickets on the day-of performances. "TKTS" is located in Times Square, and enables you to buy tickets at a great deal. For more information call 212 -221-0013.
  10. Don't throw away old clothing - especially tee shirts. You can tear them into hand towel sized pieces and use them for cleaning rags. Or, take them to a consignment shop, where they'll sell the clothing for you for a small percentage of your profits!
  11. Clip those coupons! If you combine coupons with in-store discounts and preferred customer savings, you can cut your grocery bill in half! Pick up a Sunday edition of your local paper, and start saving those coupons for products you use most. Then, go online to,, or, and print out coupons to stores you shop at, on items you want!
  12. While printing out rough drafts of your research paper, resumes, letters, etc. you should use the paper twice. Just turn it over and use it again. This will cut down on your use of paper and possibly save some trees. Or, if you use notepads regularly, you can take used pieces of scrap paper to discount printing companies and they can take the scrap paper, cut it into small pieces, bind it and make you notepads for an affordable price.
  13. You should purchase products through the mail or shop at discounted stores. You can really save money if you buy school supplies from discount office supply stores because most of the supplies are 20-50% off regular prices. And, if you buy in bulk, you'll save even more money.
  14. If you use a computer, you should make your own stationary, cards, banners, and signs. There are many different software packages that you can buy to accomplish this goal. Making your own products will save you big money. Just think - you'll never have to shop in another card shop again. You can even personalize stationary and give them to your friends for gifts and holidays. And with all the money you save, you can go out for a night on the town.
  15. If you enjoy the movies, you can go for half price if you attend the first show. If you'd rather go at night, you can still go for half price by using your current student identification card for a special discount at some Lowes theaters. You should call the theater beforehand to make sure they participate in the plan.
  16. If you purchase books on a regular basis, you should shop at your local used bookstore before you go anywhere else. I always purchased books for my English classes in used bookstores. If you absolutely have to purchase a new book, shop around and look for special discounts. You could even join a discount book-purchasing club.
  17. If you are currently an "A" or "B" student, own a car, haven't had any accidents or speeding tickets lately, and pay insurance, you can ask the insurance company to reduce your premiums. By sending them a copy of your latest grades and proof that you haven't received any speeding tickets, they assume that you're a low risk driver and will probably reduce your premiums.
  18. If you raise the deductible on your car insurance to $500 or more, you will probably reduce your collision premiums as much as 50%. And, if you are ever involved in an auto accident, you should never file an insurance claim for under $500. By filing small claims, your insurance company will probably raise your premiums by as much as 20% or cancel your policy.
  19. Every day you should save your change and place it in a piggy bank. After a few months, take the coins to your local bank and receive cash dollars for them. With the money, you could buy yourself something special or put it in a savings account.
  20. When doing laundry, you should fully load your washer and dryer because partial loads waste water. But, be careful not to overload your machine.
  21. If you'd like your house to smell fresh but don't want to pay the expensive price of potpourri, you should fill a small pot with some water (about 1/2 full) and pour about 6 tablespoons of cinnamon in it. Then, let the mixture boil. After it has completely boiled, turn down the temperature and let it simmer. In a matter of minutes, your house will smell like a sweet cinnamon bakery.
  22. If cinnamon is not your preferred smell, take a box of baking soda, spray your favorite cologne on it and sprinkle the mixture on your carpet. Your entire house will smell great and the scent lasts longer than traditional carpet room deodorizers.

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