Warning! Look Up; Big Problem Straight Ahead

by Richard Vegas

So, you've got a problem? Well guess what? That's good. Now don't you throw anything at me. I'm sure you've heard of Murphy's Law. You know, "If anything can go wrong, it will". Well, I want to give you some Vegas-ology! "Man who stay under big tree, may find bird of paradise taking a big P**." :>)

I know, I hear you saying, don't wax melancholy on me. Well, you may say, I want to be the bird of paradise; I'm tired of being the one that gets the big P. Ah...but into every life a little sunshine must fall. I heard someone said yeah, very little. Listen, you can be the bird of paradise; you just have to learn to grow wings.

I'm flying this Coop!

Well then, how do I do that wise guy? I'm glad you asked. Do this. Repeat after me 400 times, "If a bullfrog had wings he wouldn't bump his little rear end when he landed." And, If man look up when under big tree, read, <problem> he will step out of the way of the big P.

The most important thing you can do when in the heat of battle, is not turn the heat up any more. Duh...But, you would be surprised how many times you do. That reminds me of something I've always thought was so funny. Consider this for yourself.

Remember the movie the 10 Commandments? There was a scene where Moses was telling Pharaoh, Let my people go. Pharaoh had suffered through the Nile river being turned into blood, <pharaoh stayed under the tree> then all the fish died, <pharaoh stayed under the tree> then flies and gnats covered the land and yet <pharaoh stayed under the tree>.

Fine as Frogs Hair!

Here is what I always laughed myself silly over: it was the part about the frogs. The Nile was teeming with frogs, there were frogs in the Palace, there were frogs in the kitchen, there was frogs in the oven, there was frogs in the kneading troughs, and, there was frogs in Pharaoh's bed.

Remember, through all of this Pharaoh stayed under the tree. Now get this: Even the magicians did the same things and brought up MORE frogs with their secret arts; as if they needed some more frogs. You know like they didn't really have enough. Ok, then Pharaoh tells Moses, I will let your people go.

And, Moses says, ok, when? And here is the answer that I consider the epitome of standing under the bird of paradise when he's already giving you a nice shower. Pharaoh says, tomorrow. Come back tomorrow. He's saying like, Hey Moses, you know; just give me one more night with these frogs.

Every time I think about that story I wonder; why did Pharaoh shoot himself in the foot? Every time I've done something that ended up with a stench on it, I realize, I just had to have one more night with my frogs. So, I stood under the bird of paradise too long and he showered me with all the little presents I was willing to take

Case in point.

Showers from the bird of paradise are a part of life. And, I guess we'll just have to accept that. But, what we don't have to accept is to let that bird <problem> dump on us till we have frogs coming out of our ears. And, one of the easiest things we can do is........look up and then move.

Sounds simple, but remember Pharaoh. He looked up and when he did, he saw frogs in his bed, <problem> he saw frogs in his kitchen, <problem> in his pajama's, hmmm.... <big problem> I just had a thought, I wonder what he found in his pants when he put them on in the morning? hehehe... I think we all have a little bit of a Pharaoh in us.

What did I just eat?

So, what do we do? Well, we look up alright and we see the bird of paradise, in all his shinning glory, raining down snow balls on us, at least that's what he tells us it is, and we stand there just like Bozo the clown lapping it up with a big grin on our face and saying hmmm... good.

And then in the morning Bozo <us>, sees the mess all over our face and realizes the bird,<problem> lied to us and it really wasn't snow balls at all, but something much more tasty, yuk, and we vow never to let that happen to us again. And, all along, we just stayed there till the frogs found their way into our pajamas.

Don't Rub Where there's already a rash!

I don't care what kind of circumstances you face. It really doesn't matter. You can make them worse by staying where you're at. Sometimes just a small change can make dramatic improvements. Our problem is: when the bird is making his shower upon us, we don't always see the "little" changes making any change at all.

And, sometimes we can't even the see the little changes, because we're so caught up in the <big problem>, we don't see the <big problem> and can't even recognize we should do something so simple as, move.

Make this New Year a resolution to do the little things, when in the heat of battle. What are they? Most of the time they are so small and insignificant that you will believe they will not have any impact on your situation. You might not be able to stop the bird of paradise from flying over your head and dumping on you, but you don't have to stand there and let him tell you its snow balls.

Richard Vegas ©2002

Richard Vegas is a popular recording artist and internet marketing professional. He invites you to subscribe to his FREE weekly ezine "Wing-Tips" The Success System That Never Fails, at: http://www.1-work-at-home-based-business-opportunities.com You may also hear and follow Richard's music career at: http://www.richardvegas.com

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