Flipping Their 'No' To Yes

by Kent Sayre

In this article, you're going to discover how to "Flip somebody's 'No' into YES".

  1. Remember the "No" perspective. If somebody tells you 'No', they're really telling you "At this point in time, what you have said to me has not elicited good enough feelings for me to say yes to you YET."

    Take this to be a subtle punch in the chin wakeup call to do something different. If something isn't working, do something else.

    Whoever you're persuading to say "YES" to you is a direct result of you getting them to feel the "right" feelings for them to say yes and then allowing them some "logical" reasons for the them to justify their emotional, irrational decision. Silly humans but true enough.

  2. Set up the context to make them naturally say "YES".

    This is why a young teenage guy will plot and plan where to take a young lady on a date so they can put some "romance" in their lives. They want to take the gal to the lookout in the hopes that the beautiful scenery will stimulate the right emotions.

    Well, that's just another form of persuasion. Put the principle to work for you. Here's a million dollar concept IF you apply it, Bucko. Figure out what context the person will naturally say "YES" to you in. Then, do whatever it takes to create the context.

    Ask rhetorical questions to change the "frame" of their mind. Elicit the right feelings. Get the person to vividly imagine something as real.

  3. Dial into WIIFM and Force Feed Them The Benefits Now!

    There's one station that everybody listens to even if you don't listen to the radio. It's WIIFM. That stands for "What's In It For Me?"

    No one gives a hoot about much else if it doesn't affect them. So when you persuade someone, persuade them FROM THEIR POINT OF VIEW. That's dialing into WIIFM.

    Now fill the person up with benefits about accepting your proposition (what you're persuading them to accept). Benefit, Benefit, Benefit.

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