5 Tips To Increase Your Website Traffic - For FREE!

by Tony Newton

Ahhh! The age old question, how can I increase the traffic to my website, without paying for advertising?

Well, the sad fact is, they simply won't just turn up to your website, without you doing something to get them there!

So, here are 5 free ways to increase your traffic:

1. Search Engines.

This has to be number one but it is getting increasingly difficult to get a good position in the top 10 search engines. So, how do you gain a good position? Well first of all, whatever you do, for goodness sake don't use a free submission service that will automatically submit your site to the top 1000+ search engines. Don't expect to get a good position (if any). Just focus on the top ten search engines. Primarily, they look for:

2. Ask For Links.

Search one of the top engines for sites which would be a suitable link to your site. Then send a personalized e-mail to the webmaster of those sites and ask them to link to your site. Some of them, may ask for a reciprocal link, which means you must link to their site and in return they will link to your site. You'll be surprised how many links you can quickly set up.

To take this one step further, visit: http://www.linkpopularity.com Here you can find out, how many links a particular site has.

So, just enter in the URL of one of your competitors and link popularity will give you a list of all the sites that link to them. Then visit these sites and request a link. If they link to your competitors, then you'll have a high chance of them linking to you.

3. Write Articles.

This is a very overlooked way to generate lots of traffic. You simply write an article on a related subject to your website. Include a resource box at the end of the article, which contains a link to your website. Then send the article to article announcement sites. Here, ezine owners visit and simply copy your article and send it out in their ezines.

Just think for a minute about how quickly your website URL can be placed in front of thousands of people. Don't under-estimate the power of this strategy. (You're reading this article, are'nt you? ;-] )

4. Signature File.

You should include a signature file on any e-mails that you send out. This is basically a short paragraph at the end of your e-mails that includes your name, e-mail address and a link to your website. For example, here's mine:

Tony Newton mailto:Tony@1stWebsiteHelp.com Learn how to create and maintain a super successful website by visiting http://www.1stWebsiteHelp.com

Obviously, there are many variations to signature files. You could advertise a report, website or your newsletter.

5. Newsgroups, Forums, and Discussion Boards.

To use this technique, you simply hang out in related newsgroups, forums and discussion boards. Listen to what people are talking about, join in on discussions, answer any questions you can. Basically, try to help people as much as you can. Don't directly advertise your business though because you will be banned by the group. However, you are allowed to include your signature file in your correspondence. Again, don't just ignore this technique. It is an easy way to bring in more traffic.

It is often easy to overlook the simple ways to generate more traffic.

A high amount of traffic will not come overnight but use these techniques consistently and you simply cannot fail to bring in those hard to find surfers!

Have Fun.

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