The Secret Key For Any Offline Business To Profit From The Internet

Even Without a Website!

by Hans Klein

The secret key I am talking about has been used by top internet marketing specialists to generate profits for years, but is just now taking hold in mainstream American business. From major corporations to the local restaurant, pioneering companies are finally beginning to learn how they can truly profit from the internet.

Let me give you some hints as to what this technique is:

It does not require a thousand-dollar-website, (or any website for that matter), or much knowledge about the internet, and it can be much more profitable than sending out a promotional mailing by "snail mail".

All this technique requires is the understanding of a basic marketing concept that most businesses are already using. Let me explain:

Have you ever received a mailing from your local pizza company, car dealership, or grocery store, offering special discounts or coupons?

If so, think of the possibilities of being able to send these same mailings to thousands of your customers who look forward to seeing them every week, and it costs you less than $20 a month to send it to them as many times as you wish.

With the internet, this is possible, and the best part is you can immediately start implementing this technique, even if you don't have a website.

Let me give you an example of a local restaurant I went to that used this same technique:

Last Sunday, I took my elderly father out to lunch for Father's Day at a small Irish restaurant. As I sat down, I noticed a small card that looked like any ordinary restaurant comment card, but when I looked closer, a lighting bulb went off in my head, and I said to myself,.

"Ah ha!, finally the average business is getting it!"

What I saw was not an ordinary card, but one of the most powerful online promotional tools ever developed, and, after years of it being used profitably with internet businesses, an offline business was starting to use it.

So, what was so special about this card? Simple... they were collecting customer's email addresses AND then doing something that 99% of offline business neglect to do with their customer email addresses (if they even collect them) ...

Following up with valuable information to the consumer!

That's right. The secret key is as simple as sending follow-up emails with content that the customer wants. I know by now you may be wondering what this information was and how this could be profitable to the restaurant.

It's right in front of your eyes:

All the restaurant did was ask for the customer's email address so they could email them about upcoming events going on at the restaurant and in the area where they were located.

Now, just think of the number of customers that small restaurant can generate once they have accumulated a thousand email addresses. All they have to do is simply send an email (using easy-to-find, cheap software) and with a few clicks of a button, the restaurant may generate an extra thousand dollars that week.

I know you are probably wondering, "If it's so easy, why isn't everybody doing it?" Well, many are. This technique has been making internet marketing specialists money for years, and many offline businesses (like the restaurant) are finally realizing this technique works and are taking the plunge.

This technique can work for any business. Another example is a local car dealership who advertises a valuable, free report offered on their website and announced on the local radio station. They have realized that if they can get the customer to subscribe to their report, they can follow-up with the consumer every day and close the sale.

Without the internet, this kind of follow-up would be impossible because there is no other marketing method that allows for one-on-one communication in an unobtrusive and helpful way.

I hope by now you have become aware of the possibilities the internet can provide for your business. There are many more techniques the internet can offer, but this strategy alone is incredibly powerful and can explode your profits.

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