5 Simple Tips You Can Use in Ten Minutes to Boost Your Website

by Jeffrey Jordan

It's the holiday season and it looks like it will be another year of increasing purchases by online shoppers. How would you like to do a few simple things to your website that will boost your conversion of lookers into customers? And they will only take you a few minutes to put into action. Well read on...

In a recent survey by Ispo-Reid, online shoppers where asked what their top concerns were when purchasing online. The top five were as follows;

Now think about it. When there is a choice between two companies, one removes the above online shopping concerns and the other one does not. Who do you think will get more orders?

Each concern that a customer has is a hurdle that they must jump over before they order. Some hurdles are higher than others. It is up to you to remove and lower any hurdles which are between the potential customer and the finish line.

So what can you do to help our set aside a prospects concerns and boost your sales? Answer Their Concerns! In many cases all it takes is some changes and/or additions to your sales and marketing copy.

Here are a few of simple suggestions to help remove the online shopping concerns listed above.

  1. If you don't already clearly state your privacy policy. Do so. This can be done in a couple of different ways. A short statement can be added to your page that states that you never give, trade or sell your customers information to a third party. You may also what to link this to a longer privacy policy page.
  2. If you are using a secure server for your online ordering make sure to let them know. A statement such as "Place Your Secure Order Here" can help. If you are not using a secure server for your online ordering you should be.
  3. State your no spam and opt-out policy. If you have a no spam policy let your customers know. You can place one of those No Spam graphics or a short statement on your no spam policy. Also make sure that your follow-up system allows customers to unsubscribe from any follow-up e-mail.
  4. If the order is being sent to a secure server using SSL let them know that their information is being sent securely with encryption. This can be added to a separate privacy and/or security policy that customers can click on and view. You can put a simple statement on your order information page stating that "all orders are sent encrypted for security".
  5. Anytime that you set-up a separate privacy, no spam, security policy page that customers can view make sure that it comes up in a separate, preferably a smaller window. You want to keep your customers main focus on your sales copy or ordering process. If they have to click back to your sales page, you may lose some in the process.

As you can see, with only a few small changes or additions to your website you can help remove many of the concerns that your prospects may have about placing and online order with you.

Take 10 minutes and boost your sales.

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