Will You End Up On Oprah or Jerry Springer?

by Sopan Greene, M.A.

How are those ideas flowin'? To keep at the top of your game you have to keep a clear head. Don't fill up on news and negativity. The world's overflowin' with it and the only way to be a winner is to be in control of your thoughts.

Your thoughts become words, your words become actions and your actions become your destiny. Someone else came up with that, but I've always remembered it because it's true. Our actions show who we truly are and how shallow or deep our character is.

Where we are today is a direct reflection of the words, thoughts and actions we took days, months and years ago. No matter how much we blame our parents, teachers, where we grew up, television, the government or anything else, the truth is that nobody got you where you are today but yourself. The longer we choose to not take responsibility for our lives, the longer we'll living uninspired lives that we don't love.

I've heard 40 year old adults who complain about their lives and take no responsibility for what they've created. Give me a break. If you think you're on the receiving end of life you're mistaken and too lazy to do anything about it.

Keep your focus on what is working - for you and for others. We are bombarded with negative input all day long. We need to watch what goes in because our livelihoods depend on what we creatively crank out. Our heads need to be full of positive inspiration or free space where we can dream.

Remember the old phrase "garbage in, garbage out"? When you make it onto television are you going to be on Jerry Springer or Oprah?

There's a definite difference between Oprah guests and Jerry's guests. Oprah's guests radiate confidence and have taken responsibility for their lives and created lemonade out of lemons. Jerry's guests radiate low self esteem and think they're victims of life. Even worse, they think they have a right to inflict their attitude on others.

Oprah people know that they're on the creative end of life. Jerry people choose to think they're on the receiving end of life.

It's important to keep a positive mental attitude no matter what your life is like, but as a person who's building your own business, nothing is more important. Rid your life of people and circumstances that don't inspire and enliven you.

We all throw around phrases about how life is too short, but we don't live that way. Take at least one action today to reaffirm that you're creating a life and a business that you love.

Fire a friend who drains your energy. Read from an autobiography of a person who inspires you. Turn off the TV and write your goals and values. Take a walk in nature or with a friend who supports the best in you. Write a note to someone who has impacted your life in a positive way to let them know you're grateful for having them in your life.

You're building your own business and a powerful future. Study successful people and you'll notice they all surround themselves with other inspired and successful people. Your life is your show, choose to be an Oprah person and avoid the Jerry people who show up in your life. Or better yet, treat the Jerry people you meet like they are the Oprah person buried inside them so we can all shine together.

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