How To Double Or Even Triple Your Opt In Subscribers

by Al Martinovic

Face it. Whether you have an ezine or newsletter, or you are working an mlm or affiliate program... You need to capture your prospects email address on your website.

One effective way that I have found in doing this is by using an alert box. When a visitor happens on to your site a box will pop up with a text message and an option(s) for your prospects. They can then choose to accept or cancel.

Some people may find alert boxes annoying but from an internet marketing stand point it is a dream come true! I have more than doubled my subscriptions just by using an alert box on my sites.

The key is to offer something for free and of value to your prospect in the alert box to capture their email address.

Here is a simple script (put it between your head tags) that I use on one of my websites that has more than doubled my opt in subscribers:

<script language="JavaScript">
var decision = confirm("PUT YOUR TEXT MESSAGE HERE");
if (decision == true){document.location = "PUT YOUR LINK HERE"}

You can see this alert box in action on one of my sites right here:

In this script above you will put your text message in between the quotes of what you want your alert box to say.

The user will then have two options: to press ok or cancel. If they press "cancel" then nothing happens and they stay on the same page.

If they press "OK" they are then redirected to my sign up page where I can capture their email address. So in this script put the link where you want the person redirected to when they press "OK" in between the quotes, which should be your sign up page.

Again you can visit the link above to see how it works.

That's it! I copied and pasted one simple code on my site and more than doubled my opt in subscribers.

There are many different ways to use an alert box. The code I gave you above is a simple one. You can visit your favorite search engine and type "alert box scripts" to find a variety of alert box scripts and their functions.

Well... what are you waiting for? Start capturing some email addresses!

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