Marketing: How To Build Your Business

by Michael Bosse

Picture this...

It's the middle of July in a bustling Metropolis. It's hot, but not the kind of heat that makes you sweat buckets. The kind of heat that forms an invisible adhesive layer over your entire body so that everything seams to stick to you.

SUDDENLY... The Big Advertising screen on one of the largest buildings in town *Bursts* into life! A picture of a cool refreshing berry-licious big gulp dances in mid air, promising to satisfy your every need! And there on the lonely street corner right below the screen sits a seven eleven.

This, my friends is the power of the opt-in mailing list. It's like having a veritable endless bank account at your disposal. Any time you need a little cash, you pop up an advertisement and the orders come flooding in.

Sounds nice, doesn't it. But it doesn't have to be a fantasy. You have the ability to make this happen. You just need the knowledge. As they say, Knowledge is Power! Marketers need to stop looking to affiliate programs, Success promising software, and multi-level marketing for the answer to there income needs. You have the resources to be successful right in front of you, and guess what. Their FREE!

The first step in building an opt-in mailing list is to become a writer. That's right. What, did you think you could just ask people to sign up for your list for no apparent reason? People need a reason to join your list, they need to receive something in return. After all have you ever signed up for a list that said, "Sign up here FREE and I'll send you an advertisement every day!". Whooo Hoooo! Sign me up!

No, you need to offer them something they didn't have before. Information. A point of view. A complaint. Anything that sparks there interest. People enjoy hearing others opinions even if it's just someone ranting and raving. Just look at George Carlin, the comedian, he makes a good living complaining.

The best thing to do if your going to start a newsletter or e-zine as there known. Is to choose a topic that you are naturally enthused about. If you're a health nut, write a newsletter about healthy living and call it "Tofu and Power Bars". Or whatever gets you going.

By choosing a topic you already know about or enjoy you will give yourself a 2 fold advantage.

  1. You will naturally put enthusiasm into you article which will make it a more enjoyable read.
  2. You'll be able to offer an intelligent and informed view.

There's nothing worse than listening to some half wit ramble on and on about a subject they know nothing about. Next you should look for products which are similar to your interest. In this case nutritional supplements or diet drinks. There are plenty of programs out there that will give you good commission to sell nutritional products. You just have to look.

After you've chosen a topic of interest and you've got some products to sell, you need to find a good newsletter management system. There are plenty of companies on the net that offer free newsletter management. Just go to your favorite search engine and type in "newsletter manager". Most free managers only allow so many subscribers, so once you start getting a serious following you may need to pay a minimal amount for a better manager.

Trust me, this is worth the small investment. When you have a big enough list you will be banking an income large enough to live off of. Start today by looking deciding upon a topic of interest and if you have time compare a few newsletter management systems.

Michael Bosse

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