Optimize Your Website At Design Stages

by Anthony Parsons

Optimize At Design Stages

Are you now thinking, what does this mean? Let me just say that most of my customers could have had their websites rectified whilst still in the design stage instead of costly repairs once finished. This does not only go for those who pay, but more than ever, those who learn web design for themselves to design and manage their own website. The costly ones are generally those who pay a web designer as they have no knowledge of web design and thus need to pay for all the repairs to be made by an SEO, whereas someone with a little skill in design can simply make most of the modifications themselves, making a much lower cost.

If you're designing a website, having one made, whatever the case, seriously stop now. What you want to do is this, have one page made and pay a professional SEO to find the faults, identify weaknesses and give you the advice and solutions to strengthen all aspects in the one page first. The faults and characteristics that an SEO will discover with one page will generally follow through all pages of a website. The only other necessary changes are keywords and copywriting text. An SEO will generally advise what keywords to utilize and you simply send these to your web designer or utilize them yourself within each separate page to cover all avenues. An SEO will give you all the information you require, such as for flash, navigation, page size, etc (for a cost). You will not get away with this for $20 dollars. If you do, guess what? You just probably found one of those unprofessional SEO's that I mention in other articles, because that sort of money would not cover my time to properly evaluate a webpage manually and report on it.

This can save you literally thousands of dollars by having an SEO fix something you have either paid for already, or spent a lot of time on yourself. It is much easier to have a professional SEO evaluate the one page, pay them for the extra information you require, such as all relevant keywords, copywriting advice for each page that you have planned, etc. It is money in your pocket, think smart about how you do business and get it right from the start. I am sure this is how most successful businesses work or else they would be broke having to correct faults constantly. SEO is no different, a couple of hundred or so well spent dollars in the design phase of a website, can save thousands, trust me on this, I do it and see it often.

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