Would You Like To Get Into *The Zone?*

by Jan Tricher

Do you know what *The Zone* is? The Zone is a place where you are in control, you are on top of the situation, you are succeeding effortlessly. Can you remember a specific time and place like that: at work, in sports, at home, or whenever?

Remember it fully. Step into that experience, and as you do, take your time to appreciate the state you are now in -- seeing and hearing the experience again, feeling the things you felt then. Now, notice the submodalities -- the sights, sounds, and sensations of the experience. Make a note of them.

Now, clear your mind.

When your mind is clear, select an area in your life in which you already experience confidence, but haven't yet felt a sense of mastery, of the ultimate success. Select one you can vividly see, hear, and feel.

Step into the experience and notice the submodalities -- sight, sound, and feelings -- there.

Then step out.

Now, remember the submodalities from your mastery experience, and the submodalities with this one. Notice which submodalities are different between the two experiences. Do you see something in the first that you don't see in the second? Feel something different? Hear something different?

OK, again, clear your mind.

Go back to the situation you just recalled (the one in which you haven't yet experienced a sense of mastery), and this time transform it into the mastery state of mind submodalities. Hear, see, feel what you felt with the mastery experience, only now you're doing it with this experience.

How does this action -- putting the submodalitites of your mastery state of mind into a different situation -- change your perception and feelings? What has changed? In what ways? Take your time to appreciate this newly changed state. Enjoy the clarity of mind, the feeling of totality or wholeness, the sense of confidence.

What you have just done is change competence into mastery

Now, select an activity you do with natural ease and skill. Think of a particular time and place when you were doing it and felt fantastic. Recall it as vividly as possible.

Again, clear your mind.

Now relive this experience with its submodalities transformed into those of your mastery state of mind. Allow the entire experience to come to a full and satisfying completion in your mind.

Think of the next time you're going to engage in this behavior. How do you *experience* it? Isn't it great to rehearse it? Actually, isn't it like life is just one great rehearsal, and we just keep getting better and better?

Copyright 2001, Jan Tincher, All Rights Reserved Worldwide

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