How To Sell Pine Cones

Ordinary pine cones, of any size, can be made to look almost exactly like tiny owls simply by adding "eyes" which can be purchased at any hobby or craft shop. The cute stylistic little creatures can then be mounted on stained or burned plywood plaques, a hanging device or hook added, and they sell like hotcakes.

Mount the little birds on a small limb or twig, glue the whole scene onto a plaque background of any kind, display them and people will want them.

Sell them singly or in groups. Start with one large "mama" owl, then add two or three "baby" owls for an attractive grouping. They are cute.

Find an old limb with a knot hole, or an old board. Mount a small bird just inside the hole, or on a twig just outside of the hole. You have a scene people will love.

The idea of using natural products to make nature scenes appeals to many people.

One person sells more of these than he and all of his grand kids can turn out.

Combine cones, pods, twigs, old wood, boards, dried flowers and leaves. Be creative and use your imagination. You can make money from ordinary pine cones.

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