The Truth About Doublers

Illegal, Immoral, or Both?

by David Congreave

In 1919 Charles Ponzi invited business men and women to invest in his business and promised to double their money. Returns were guaranteed. Charles Ponzi recruited new investors and used their funds to pay earlier investors. Unsustainable, the business eventually collapsed leaving a great number of people with nothing to show for the funds they had committed. Charles Ponzi was imprisoned and from that day, scams that mimicked this approach became known as 'ponzi schemes'.

In more recent times, many of these types of schemes go by the name of 'Doublers', 'Triplers', "Bubbles", "Cyclers", "Gifting" and other variations. When this article uses the term 'Doubler' it is referring to a scheme that operates in the same way as a 'ponzi' scheme. However, this article is not suggesting that all schemes including the name 'Doubler' are ponzi schemes.

If you have joined, or are considering joining, a money doubler program, study it carefully to see if it operates as a ponzi scheme.

Some ponzi schemes provide you with a product or service in exchange for your investment in a bid to achieve the appearance of legitimacy. Don't be fooled! If a program promises all investors a complete return on their investment without limiting the number of applicants, this program is almost certain to collapse.

Legitimate enterprises will limit the number of investors or require members to achieve their own sales. A legitimate enterprise will never guarantee a profit.


The laws of the country you live in may prohibit running, or investing in, a ponzi scheme. Owning a ponzi scheme, investing in a ponzi scheme or permitting a ponzi scheme to be promoted through your website or advertising network, may be illegal.

Remember, ponzi schemes rarely use the word 'ponzi' in their name. 'Doubler', 'Tripler', 'Cycler' are all common euphemisms for this kind of operation. Before investing in any program, examine it carefully to see how income will be generated.

If you knowingly involve yourself with a ponzi scheme, you run the risk of losing your investment, damaging your reputation, or even legal action.


The modern Internet Marketer may well be familiar with money doubler programs and how they operate.

Some Internet Marketers have written ill-advised articles that demonstrate the best way to profit from Doublers without losing your investment. Usually this runs along the lines of 'join a program early and withdraw your funds before the program collapses', effectively using Doublers as a form of gambling.

Putting aside the obvious financial risks of such an approach, this view selfishly ignores the large number of people who will lose their investment from the program.

When a Doubler program collapses, everyone who invested last loses their investment. In some cases this can affect hundreds or even thousands of people. Sadly, many of these will assume that it was the individual program, rather than the concept, that was to blame and will try again with a new program.

It doesn't take a mathematical genius to work out that if you put any number in a calculator and multiply the result by 2 over and over, the number grows exponentially. Even the most avidly promoted Doubler will collapse when the number of new investors required to sustain the program becomes unachievable.

If you are tempted to speculate on these programs, please remember this one important point:

The money you receive comes ultimately from the people that lose their investment.

And, unlike gambling, many of these people were unaware that their investment was at risk.

If you involve yourself with a Doubler program with full knowledge of how they work, you are giving your approval to a fraudulent operation that is tantamount to theft.

Would you steal your neighbors television set because they accidentally left their front door unlocked? Would you knowingly purchase stolen goods?

If your answer is 'Yes' then this article probably means nothing to you. If the answer is 'No' then ask yourself why you would give your approval to a Doubler program?

If you are intelligent enough to understand how Doublers work, you are intelligent enough to make an honest income online.

Build your own website. Provide an online service. Sell affiliate products. There are a vast number of legitimate business opportunities available to you without resorting to the underhand tactics used by operators of Doubler programs.

If this article can persuade even a few people to leave these programs alone, then it will have been worthwhile.

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