Pop-Ups To Profits... A Simple Technique EXPOSED!

by Cory Threlfall

What I'm about to explain to you will change to way you do your online marketing Today, Tomorrow and Years to come with little effort on your part.

This simple but effective technique involves the use of Pop-Up's on your website, but, the difference between this technique and just a standard 'Pop-Up' or 'Pop-Under'as we all see them is that when your potential prospects see them they are more then willing to give you there Name and Email address. Why you ask? Because your offering them something of 'Value' for FREE.

As you know the word "Free" is one of the most 'Powerful' words on the internet when used correctly and when combined with an 'Exit Pop-Up' could make you alot of extra profits if its done correctly.

As a marketer myself, a simple 'Name and Email Address' could potentially make me hundreds, if not thousands of extra dollars a year if I collect and follow-up my leads properly, but, the question that always seems to 'Pop-Up' is...

.."How do I do it?"

So... now that I have your attention, let me explain to you how its done in a 'Step-By-Step' fashion.

Step 1:

What do you have that you can give away to your visitors as they leave your website that is of value to your visitor and more importantly, will benefit from?(Here's a hint... Free Reports, eBooks, eCourses, etc.)

Step 2:

Once you've figured out what your going to give away, put together some ad copy for your 'Pop-Up' that your going to build that will grad your visitors attention and get them to sign-up for your 'Free Offer' or 'Give Away' as they leave your website.

(Note: You don't have write alot, just a few attention grabbing sentences pointing out the 'benefits')

Step 3:

Write a short 'Solo'. You need this because after they sign-up through your 'Web-Form' from your 'Pop-Up', this is what they will receive in there 'Inbox' with either download info or other instructions that you specify in order for them to receive there Report, eBook, eCourse, etc.

(Note: Also, make sure you attach a 'Signature File' at the end of your 'Solo'. Many marketers forget this part and are losing out on alot of 'Extra Profits'. Don't Forget!)

Step 4:

You need to go to your 'Auto-responder' management console and set-up an auto-responder with the 'Solo' you wrote for your 'Give Away'. Once you've done that, grad the 'HTML' code for your auto-responder 'Web-Form' and paste it into the 'Pop-Up' you just put together.

(If you don't have an auto-responder I recommend 'SendFree') http://www.sendfree.com/affref/65622/

Step 5:

This is the easy part, once all of the other steps are complete, simply paste your 'Pop-Up' code into your desired webpage. If you use 'Pop-Up' software that creates and automatically inserts the code for you simply select the 'HTML' webpage you want the code to be placed on. Make sure the 'Pop-Up' you choose is a 'Pop-Up On Exit'.

(If you don't have any 'Pop-Up' creating software I recommend 'Pop-Up Rotator') http://hop.clickbank.net/?styles98/poprotator

That's it. Your done. Now simply upload your newly formatted webpage to your server and start sending it 'Traffic' and start watching the leads flow in.

These are the basic 5 steps needed to turn your website into an fully 'Automated Sales Machine' that will automatically follow-up your leads 24/7/365.

It may take a little time to set-up initially, but it'll be worth it in the long run.

Now, here's the kicker. If you really want to get the most out of your 'Pop-Up' and the leads it brings in simply load-up your already set-up 'Auto-Responder' with 6 or 7 follow-up emails that are set to go out every 3 to 4 weeks. Make sure your follow-up emails target the 'Product or Service' you offer or are promoting for 'Maximum Results'.

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Cory Threlfall is the Editor and Publisher of a internet marketing newsletter called 'The Internet Wonders eZine'. To get your Subscription and Free Bonuses visit: http://www.internetwondersezine.com

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