How to Build a Million Dollar Porn Site

Without Your Friends and Family Knowing


Important Update

Before you read this article, I have an important warning that I feel I should disclaim. When I first wrote this article, I was consumed with making money no matter what the cost. Instead of taking this article completely down, I've decided to use its popularity to warn you about something that no one else in this business is willing to admit, due to our insatiable lust for money.

This business will warp your mind and take your soul. I've put up thousands of the type of porn sites that are described in this article. As time has gone on, I've had to dig deeper and deeper into the increasing degrees of filth that are required to attract visitors that are becoming more and more desensitized by yesterday's filth. For over ten years, as a site maker, I too have had to see these very same images (that I've used to make money off of others), and their effect has taken its toll on me more than any amount of money can make up for.

I can tell you first hand, that pornography will become an addiction if you are exposed to it day in and day out over time. Worse, by being a porn site creator, you are contributing this same progression happening in others. Sure, these are arguable points, but you won't convince me otherwise; I've lived it, and I've seen it time and time again with others in this business.

I clearly see what I've done, but I can't stop. Today, I'm overweight; I have no conscious, even despite writing this update. I can't carry on a normal relationship with a woman. I can't even perceive a woman normally.

So what I'm I to do? I've been exploiting humanity for over 10 years now; it is the only way I know to make money. Am I to take down over 10 years of work, and have zero income to save my soul? I'll let what I do remain unknown. Don't worry about me. This update is about you.

Below, my article remains intact, just the way I originally wrote it. It still tells you exactly how to get into this business. I left its content here, unaltered. The only reason, I don't have it removed completely, is that I want to use its #1 popularity to spread this sincere update to anyone thinking about getting into this business.


First of all, I would like to thank the host of this website for not censoring the money making information that I am about to reveal.

Many don't realize that pornography was the first real moneymaker on the Internet. It seems that the "world's oldest profession" was also the first to yield large profits in its electronic form. Even as I write this article, there are few Internet businesses that yield higher profits than those that deal in pornographic content. Companies like have been successful in creating a name for themselves, and creating a distribution channel, but they have not yet become as successful as the smallest porn web site business at generating profits.

Pornography is the father of money making on the Internet, but I wonder if the history books will ever give this industry the credit it deserves. You see, affiliate programs, the technology that is used to keep up with a website's sales (of other people's products and service) was first implemented heavily in pornographic website industry. Today these porn tested affiliate programs are used to sell almost every product marketed by websites on the internet.

In this article, I plan to tell you exactly how to set up a porn website business that will make you hundreds of thousands of dollars a year. I am going to tell you the exact method involved. Plus, I will tell you how to do this without letting your friends and family know about it!

How Does It Work?

Making money with a pornographic website is quite easy to do. Here's the big picture of how it works; I will cover the details later.

Easy as 1, 2, 3

In a sentence, all you have to do is: purchase a website name; find a company to host your website on their web server; gather 20 or 30 pornographic pictures, with a common theme, from other websites; create a web page displaying those pictures; promote the web page; find a company that will pay you for directing prospects from your page to their product or service; have a checking account to deposit the checks that you will receive for your "hard" work.

It's so simple, you don't have to have a very nice web site to get started making money. It can be crude looking thing at first. You simply have to learn how to crudely display the pictures, and your sponsor's advertisements. When you promote the page, the viewers you'll attract will likely overlook your site's initial crudeness as long as you don't forget to display the pornography. Your goal is to design your website so that your viewers are persuaded to your sponsors as quickly as possible. Once they are there, your sponsors will pay you commission if they buy something, and you will be surprised when you find out how many people actually buy the products and services your sponsors offer.

Two Types Of Porn Site Businesses

Pay Sites make their money by selling access to pornography that they own. These sites usually offer a tour that allows a viewer to see a sample of the type of pornography that can be expected by paying members. These sites usually contain a great deal of pornography for the paying member and they usually look very professionally done in terms of navigation, cosmetics, and functionality.

The goal of a pay site is to recruit and maintain members. This is not the type we will be discussing in this article.

Promotional Redirect Sites make their money on commission. By attracting people to their sites with free pornography and promotional efforts, they then redirect them to sponsors. These sponsors are often pay sites that have affiliate programs. These sites can contain a lot of porn, but they usually don't. Since promotional redirect sites don't sell a product of their own, they don't profit from being a sole source for someone's pornography.

The goal of a promotional redirect site is to attract and redirect traffic to the paying sponsors.

This article talks about how to make money with promotional redirect sites. You may want to graduate to a pay site one day, but believe me, there is plenty of money to be made in promotional redirect sites, and they are much easier to build.

Purchasing a Web Page Domain Name

What is a Web Page Domain? You know what it is!,,, these are all examples of domain names, and you will need to purchase your own domain name to successfully maintain your promotional efforts of your web content. I could explain this further, but just trust me on this one.

Go to a company like and type your desired domain name into their little search box to see if the name you want is available. I suggest that you choose a name that is general enough to accommodate the range of content you plan to offer. For example, if you are ultimately going to have a wide variety of pornography residing on your porn site, you might feel uncomfortable later if you purchased a specific sounding domain name like When you find a suitable name that is available, you don't have to purchase it in your name; use a business name that you don't plan to let anyone know about. However, this is only necessary if you are trying to hide your association with the website. Even if you put it in your own name, the odds of a family member or friend randomly finding your association with the site are pretty slim.

Finding a company to host your adult content

Free Adult Content Hosting

There are companies that will actually host pornographic web content for free. One in particular is However, they require you to let your content reside on their domain name. This means the you don't have to purchase a domain name as discussed earlier, but I don't recommend this for someone who is really serious about making their living with a porn site. What if goes down? You may be able to put your content some place else, but you will loose all your prior promotional efforts. You don't want to risk your time promoting a web address that you don't own.  Something could happen.

However, is an excellent place for someone who just wants to test the water without spending any money. You can always buy a domain name later when you know you can make money doing this.

Adult Content and Domain Hosting

In order to really prevail with promotional redirect porn sites, you must find a company that will both host your domain name and your adult content. You want everyone in the world to be able to type in your domain name, and have your web site be displayed promptly.

There are several companies that will do this but I recommend, they seem to strike the perfect balance of reliability and value.

Finding the content

Most promotion redirect porn sites hate to admit this, but they usually don't own the content that they so prominently display. In many cases no one can prove who owns these pictures.

So, how do you get your pornographic content? There are some companies that actually sell it. But I have never bought one picture! You just search and find the type of pictures you want on the internet, of course! You just better make sure you don't take too much from the same source. Make sure you have an email address on each web page, so you can take down any pictures that someone complains about. The internet is so big, you may never get a complaint regarding the ownership of a single picture, but if you do - just take it down. Also, you don't want your email address to be the same one you use to receive email from family and friends, this could cause an embarrassing mix up. I suggest you get a PRIVATE email account from

Finding the Sponsors

We'll, when it comes to sponsors, I can only tell you who pays me the most. My two biggest sponsors are, and I receive close to a half million dollars a year from these sponsors alone. I also sell movies on each of my pornographic web pages, and my sponsors for selling movies are, and

Here are some other sponsors that send me big checks:

How Do Sponsors Keep Track of My Commission?

When you sign up with a sponsor, they will give you a special link that you will place on your page. For example, instead of giving you a link to their main page (, they will give you a link that identifies you like ( When people click on the link it will take them to your sponsor, and your sponsor's computer will recognize that the visitor came from you. If they buy something, your account will be credited. Plus you will be able to monitor your daily sales by logging into your sponsor's affiliate program.

Setting Up a Web Page

Technical Stuff

I'm not going to focus a great deal on teaching you the technical side of writing a web page; there are thousands of sites that tell you how to compose a web page, and it is as simple as typing a letter in a word processor. You just have to learn how to add links to your sponsors, and arrange pictures.

The best thing to do is go buy Microsoft Front Page; it works just like a word processor, and it will generate the html code that you will have to upload to your hosting company's computer.

Putting Several Web Sites on One Domain

You can create several separate web sites using one domain name. For example, if you want to create a web page on redheads, and your domain name is, then you could put your redhead porn site at If you want to create a web site dedicated to the porn star Jaime Bergman, then you can put that site at

Don't Give a Directory of All Your Sites

However, you do not want your main page ( to have a directory that links it to all your other web sites. Remember, your host will charge you by the amount of content downloaded from your domain. You only profit from redirecting people from your site to your sponsors site. No sense in giving away too much content: you don't get paid when they download your pictures, you get paid when they buy from your sponsors! So at, the main page, just make a page that showcases your sponsors with no links to any of your other pages.

Basic Layout

You can see several examples of how porn pages promote their sponsors by looking at other porn pages on the internet. Here is the basic layout:

Intro Page:

Make each site you publish to your domain be at least two pages in depth. This makes your site appear to be "a site," and not just "a page." Make the first page look nice, but don't spend too much time on it. For example, if you were going to do a page that contains pictures of the porn star Wendy Whoppers, you might just put one nice clothed picture of her on the intro page. You will want to make the background colors and fonts match the color scheme of that picture. Be sure to display your sponsors banners on this page. You would rather them go to your sponsors than actually enter the site! You should have a statement that sincerely persuades minors to go elsewhere. Additionally, let them know that by entering the site they are committing perjury. "Over 18 - Enter" and "Under 18 - Leave" are examples of the enter and leave links that you would want to have under this statement. Lastly, I would put a few more of your sponsors banners underneath the enter and leave buttons for those clever folks who scroll down to the very bottom of the page looking for the enter button.

Pictures Page:

Keep the colors you use on the pictures page consistent with the colors you used on the intro page. You don't want to have the actual pictures on this page, but only a thumbnail representation of the pictures. That way, when some one downloads your pictures page, they won't be downloading all your pictures at full size from your host, but instead they will be downloading the, less expensive to transfer, thumbnails instead (A thumbnail is a shrunken down version of a bigger image). Then at that point if they find the thumbnail captivating, they can click on it and see the full sized Image. Don't forget to bombard these thumb nails with sponsor links!

Other Pages:

You can also put up short little biography if you are showcasing a particular star (you can collect info from other web sites and piece it together really quick) or you may find some other little page that might be conveniently added, but make sure you keep the same color scheme and place advertisements throughout these pages too.

Promoting Your Porn Site

You will want to submit your web pages to all the major search engines. Each time you complete a page, go to all the major search engines and look for their submission page. There are plenty of web sites that tell you how to promote your content, and you should promote your adult content in the same way that others do non adult content when it comes to search engines. However, you will want to look for porn search engines and porn link sites to promote your page as well. You can go to, and do a search for porn search engines or, porn link sites, and find a wealth of places to promote your site.

Monitoring Your Traffic

You can see detail statistics of the people that come to your web site by placing a sophisticated counter on each of your intro pages. You won't believe all the stats! You can see what people are typing into the search engines that makes them arrive at your page. You can see who is sending you your visitors, and much much more. I use and to monitor all my adult content.

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