34 Legal Methods To Cut High Postage Costs

1. For local messages, telephone instead of sending a letter.

2. Use postcards as often as possible. Sane on stamps AND envelopes.

3. Don't buy stamps from vending machines where a service charge is added.

4. If you operate your own business, remember that postage is tax deductible.

5. Pay local bills in person instead of mailing them. 6. Save postage stamps off your incoming mail. Then sell them at flea markets, garage sales, neighborhood yard and tag sales, etc.

7. Use 3rd class mail when speed isn't important and pocket big savings.

8. Don't "overstamp" your mail. Purchase an inexpensive postal scale or have your local Post Office weigh your mail for you.

9. When sending 1st class mail, remember that while the first ounce requires a 1st class stamp, additional ounces cost less. Pick up a postal rate guide from your local Post Office.

10. Post Office "stamped" envelopes are expensive. Save by buying packets of envelopes from variety and discount stores.

11. Don't pay extra for "airmail" between distant points in the U.S., Canada and Mexico. All such mail is automatically sent via air at 1st class rates.

12. Always use your zip code on your mail for faster delivery. If you don't know the zip code, your local Post Office can look it up for you.

13. If speed and timing is important, deposit your mail early in the day.

14. If you have special instructions such as "Special Delivery", mark this plainly on all letters and packages, in big letters for all to see.

15. Pay bills by personal checks. It is less expensive then Postal money orders.

16. Avoid ordering merchandise via "C.O.D.". The C.O.D. charge is generally added to the cost of your order.

17. When insuring a package or letter, insure it for its value only - and no more. If it is lost, you will be paid for the actual value only.

18. Use "Special Delivery" during nights and weekends only. During the week, Special Delivery is handled the same as regular first class mail and given special attention at the destination only.

19. Never spend on "Special Delivery" mail sent to a Post Office box.

20. If your require proof of delivery, use "Certified" mail instead of more expensive "Registered" mail.

21. When mailing large quantities of identical "printed matter" mail, investigate "bulk mail" rates. Inquire at your local Post Office.

22. When shipping parcels, compare rates charged by other carriers such as United Parcel Service, Greyhound, freight companies, etc.

23. When mailing books, use the lower 4th class "book rate".

24. Reweigh "Postage Due" mail in the event an error has been made.

25. Avoid using odd-shaped "non-standard" size envelopes. The Post Office charges extra if envelopes do not conform to certain size specifications.

26. When mailing printed matter overseas, use the lower "surface rate" and write "Printed Matter" on the envelope, if airmail isn't necessary.

27. Never mail cash. If it gets lost, you have no proof that it was sent.

28. Be sure that your return address is on all outgoing mail. It will be returned to you it it is undeliverable and sent via first class.

29. Save time! (Time is money!) Buy larger quantities of stamps at one time and avoid standing in long Post Office lines often.

30. Use large brown grocery bags for wrapping packages instead of buying sheets of wrapping paper. Use saved string and twine for this same purpose.

31. When shipping fragile items, decrease shipping weight by using popped corn as the packing material, instead of heavier crumpled newspapers.

32. Let postal workers suggest other methods for saving on postage costs.

33. Check your Christmas card list carefully and eliminate unnecessary names.

34. When buying sheets of stamps, save the corner "plate number blocks". They could increase in value and make excellent future "investments".

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