by Craig Lock

Thought I'd share a bit about using press releases as an internet marketing tool, based on our recent experiences.

We at Eagle Productions (NZ) have done quite a bit of research on press release services recently and we use them here frequently to "spread the word" about our various sites and activities from here in far-off New Zealand to our biggest market (by far), Americans. >From this we find doing press releases to be quite effective.

While it's hard to quantify the precise results of press releases, one thing just seems to lead to another (and usually leads to valuable "contacts and exposure" - "exciting, naughty and nice!")...and I do find submitting them to be a most effective form of advertising in the "on and off-line world". Together with submitting my articles to announcement lists, like Article Announce, Free Content and Publish in Yours. That is our MAIN internet marketing strategy.

A quick word of advice in writing press releases... It is vital that the press release about your business is newsworthy and try to capture attention with a good "catchy" headline. Make it "spicy and add 'zing' (like KFC) to make it sizzle!"

Also you can send your news release by "snail mail" or by e-mail. I do all my submissions to these services via e-mail.

Recently we've had a number of releases about our activities here on the other side of the world published by PR Web, which is a free service ("cheapskate"!)... and traffic to our sites mentioned has increased substantially already. Their web address is:

PR Web recommend adding a link back to them to add credibility to your web site - good idea, I think!

(Incidentally, we a press releases up there at: in case you want to have a look at our format)

The Comitatus Group also offer a FREE press release service. Their web address is:

Other Press Release services we've used are: They are mainly for corporate businesses, but check them out. Our press release there is at: ew_records=1

Also Xpress, who distribute news releases by e-mail. (Their address is

You can also use

We have no connection with these news distribution services, but have found them all to be effective in increasing "hits" after a news release.

Use press releases to get the word out about your web site, product or service. They DO WORK in bringing traffic, the first step to ONLINE SALES.

Lastly, I don't think you need to be a writer to write good press releases. (In fact, it may work against us, as we do tend to "waffle on" a bit and sometimes I don't write in sufficient "business-speak".) My advice is just write in your own "natural" style - the one in which you feel MOST COMFORTABLE... as I've tried to do in this article.

Don't take life too seriously and have FUN writing your press releases.

Hope this may help you readers "out there" in cyberspace, as we at Eagle Productions and our associates learn something new about on-line and off-line promotion each day.

"Success is a PROCESS of sharing (knowledge, insights, wisdom and experiences) with others and not simply a matter of arriving at a destination."

Take pleasure in the journey.

Craig Lock

About the Author

Craig Lock has been successfully marketing products online for the past five years. Craig is a writer, who believes in sharing information, as well as encouraging and helping others to find their talents and gifts, to strive for and accomplish their dreams in life - whatever they may be.

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