Can You Improve Your Homes Appeal On The Cheap?

No money, no problem!

by Sam Qam

During a difficult period for the housing market, you may feel like you have to fork out for big design features, showcase bathrooms or fancy landscaping to make your house stand out from the crowd. This is certainly not the case though, as there are many ways in which you can upgrade the appeal of your home to potential buyers, without spending your life savings. <br/><br/> Spring Clean <br/><br/> One of the first and most cost effective things you can do is to clean your house. It may seem a bit obvious but there are thousands of homeowners out there that are trying to sell their homes while there is a thick layer of dust on every surface except the toilet seat. Clean your home, throw out any old stuff that is cluttering up the place and while you're at it, cut the grass and try to make the whole exterior look as clean and tidy as possible. <br/><br/> When potential buyers arrive they will have an immediately positive feeling about your home and be that much more likely to think about buying it…and for more money. <br/><br/> Total cost to you: maybe £10 on cleaning products <br/><br/> Set the Stage <br/><br/> Before you open up your home to potential buyers, think about setting the stage of you home. This means setting up a few scenes that help people to imagine living there. This might involve setting a dining table attractively, making the beds up like in a hotel, setting up a fire in the hearth or maybe even having your family play rounders in the back garden. <br/><br/> Another way to get it ready for them is to get the smell right. Put fresh flowers in several of the rooms and bake some bread, cookies or toast before people arrive. Smell has a surprising subconscious effect on people, and these smells in particular make people happy and feel at home. <br/><br/> Total cost to you: £30 or so on flowers and ingredients <br/><br/> Superficial Repairs <br/><br/> By tackling some of the most obvious physical issues in your home you will reduce the number of negative points that potential buyers pick up as they walk around your home. This might mean repairing a broken door handle or toilet seat, replacing an area of tatty carpet or painting over some cracks in plasterwork. <br/><br/> You can either invest in some tools and do it yourself or pay a handy man to come and do it all. <br/><br/> Total cost to you: £20 per hour for a handy man <br/><br/> You will be surprised how much these relatively cheap home improvements can have on the minds of the people considering buying your home. <br/><br/> <br/><br/>

About the Author

Sam Qam is a home owner. He recently installed UPVC windows and a conservatory and has seen his house value increase by a massive 33%.

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