Is Your Vehicle Anorexic?

by Dee Scrip

Symptoms of vehicular anorexia:

· Loss of power (especially noticeable going up hills) · Decreased mileage per gallon (whether diesel or gasoline) · Increased environmentally toxic exhaust emissions · Get up and go has got up and went

If your vehicle is experiencing one or more of these manifestations, then you need to immediately seek help. Your vehicle is starving to death !

But don’t point all the fingers at yourself ! I know you’ve been faithfully binge-feeding fuel to your vehicle, thinking each time you were pumping it back to health. But the truth is, all automobiles, buses, trucks, boats, trains, etc., are doomed to succumb to vehicular anorexia.

There are several causes for this ravaging disease, one of which is engine combustion. Combustion occurs when fuel combines with oxygen and creates energy. Energy is needed for your vehicle to move.

According to the Fuel Economy Guide,

“Only about 15% of the energy in the fuel you put in your gas tank gets to move your car down the road or run useful accessories…”

The remaining 85% of the energy in the fuel is lost. However, this is just one cause of vehicular anorexia.

The next biggest culprit is water and sulfur. Water is always present in both gasoline and diesel fuel. A portion comes from the atmosphere, but fuel also attracts water. Sulfur is ever-present in both gasoline and diesel fuel. Sulfuric acid is created by combining water and sulfur. Carbon deposits are formed inside your engine when the sulfuric acid it is not burned off during combustion.

The condition worsens, as unburned carbon in your engine also leaves behind lethal carbon deposits on your spark plugs, valves, etc., or can be forced into your oil. As carbon deposits increasingly obstruct your vehicle’s ability to properly function, anorexic symptoms begin surfacing.

When your vehicle does not function efficiently, it increases toxic exhaust emissions released into the environment, which inevitably leads to failed emission test inspections.

The ensuing demise of your anorexic vehicle is assured if left untreated.

Is there hope? The answer is absolutely and unequivocally “YES”.

The question then becomes, do you want to take the band-aid approach and address the symptoms individually, or administer treatment that initiates the cure?

Temporarily alleviating vehicle anorexia results in a smorgasbord of additional costs by replacing individual parts, such as engine, spark plugs, points, valves, oil, etc. Additives like dry gas, used to link water and fuel in your tank to help prevent fuel line freeze-up, can also temporarily patch a specific manifestation. The bottom line -- treating your vehicle’s anorexic symptoms individually is not the most economical route to follow.

What about a cure? Is it possible to save your vehicle’s life, put the zip back in its performance, eradicate old carbon deposits, stop new carbon deposits, and economize on fuel consumption?

Good news from the Fuel Doctor!

You can stop and prevent further vehicular anorexia with one small pill -- one small pill that initiates an extreme engine makeover. Just pop a pill in your diesel or gasoline tank, and watch the zip in your vehicle spring back to life.

As your engine feasts on this small pill, it will immediately start eliminating old carbon deposits, prevent formation of new carbon deposits, and drastically reduce environmentally toxic exhaust emissions. In return, your vehicle will dazzle you with extended life, improved fuel economy, and saved money.

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