Savvy Tax Professional Uses Smart Marketing

To Immediately Profit and Build his Practice at the Same Time

by Jeffrey Jordan

How would you like to add thousands of dollars in immediate profit plus gain a steady stream of new customers to your professional practice? The profit strategy described below works well for most small businesses and especially professional practices such as accountants, doctors, consultants, etc.

Last month Wayne Davies added several thousand dollars of pure profit plus 5 new customers to his tax practice by using one of the most powerful strategies that professionals can employ to build their business.

What is Wayne's winning strategy?

He decided to Write, Market, and Sell an ebook called "Tax Reduction Toolkit" which helps small business owners and self-employed individuals solve the very common problem of "how to reduce their taxes".

The eBook sales strategy works the same way as the Book sales strategy that many well known professionals have been using for years to pull in additional income, build credibility, gain free publicity, and attract new customers.

The best thing about this strategy is that anyone can easily do it with a word processor, his professional expertise, the Internet, a simple website, and some free tools.

What are some of the marketing strategies that this successful tax professional uses to hit a "Home Run"?

Target Your Market With a Product They Want and Are Willing To Pay For.

Wayne picked a topic for his book that is directly related to his service and expertise, and one that is of great interest to his targeted customer base. It is something that he knew they would pay for.

His target market is small business owners and self employed individuals with the very common problem of wanting to reduce their taxes (who doesn't) and are willing to pay to find out how. They already pay him for his tax saving advice today.

Up Sell, Use Additional Bonuses That Encourage Customers to Buy and Promote Your Other Services

Wayne knew that he wanted to do more than just sell the book. He also wanted to generate new tax customers, so he included discount coupons that ebook purchasers can redeem when they use his services. This resulted in five new customers in one month alone.

Write a Customer Converting Sales Letter

Wayne's website sales letter converts up to 15% of his visitors depending on how targeted the traffic is. On a test that I ran to small segment of the Net Marketing Results subscribers, the conversion rate was 6.25%. With targeted PPC keywords Wayne will convert on average 3% of the visitors to sales.

He wrote his sales letter following the same techniques that he learned from Dan Kennedy's Magnetic Marketing which also proved extremely successful in his offline marketing. =>

His sales copy includes attention grabbing headlines, testimonials, customer problem statements with benefits and solutions, bonuses and guarantees. All this gives the customer the information he needs and to close the sale.

Joint Ventures

Wayne searched for ezines that would have a subscriber base with the same target audience of "small business owners and self employed individuals" for joint venture partners.

Next he spent a little time to research and personalize his letter to each of the potential JV partners. Each JV letter was then emailed with directions on how each potential partner could review a copy of his ebook, review his affiliate marketing materials and sign-up for his affiliate program. After that he then followed-up with a phone call.

JV's have produced a whopping 40% of his sales.

Write and Publish "Triple Duty" Articles

Wayne publishes a bi-weekly ezine "Make My Life Less Taxing" and is a dedicated to helping the small business owner / self-employed person pay the least amount of tax allowed by US law . . . and not a penny more!

In 3 months Wayne has manage to build his newsletter to 1,488 subscribers.

When Wayne writes his articles for his ezine, he also posts them to free article directories as well as his website.

By doing this Wayne continually increases his credibility and constantly drives new targeted visitors to his website.

If you are in a professional practice, you should consider this powerful profit and marketing strategy. You will be amazed at how easily you can do this and how well it works.

Wayne has achieved these incredible results in just three months.

You can See Wayne's website at =>

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