A Foot in My Door

What Entices a Prospect to Set Up a Meeting With You

by Jill Konrath

Don't waste my time, please go away I will not meet with you today. My firm is big with lots to spend, On my approval you must depend.

You call me up, you want to sell But all you do is tell, tell, tell. Talking about your product or service Is guaranteed to make me nervous.

I do not want to hear your spiel. I will not play let's make a deal. Want to capture my attention? Take your sales to a new dimension?

Then listen up, take my advice. Big company buyers you will entice. In order my respect to earn About my company you must learn.

Research is an absolute must To lay the foundation for me to trust That you know my goals and the problems I face. Then use this to build your business case.

What have you done for firms like mine? Have you contributed to their bottom line? Can you cut my costs or help me grow? That's the info I want to know.

I can't tell you how much I need your brain To quantify the impact of my pain. My time is a precious commodity, So use your head and think for me.

What will it take to solve my plight? Bring me ideas or new market insight. 'Cause I'm always looking for fresh perspectives So I can achieve my annual objectives.

To set up a meeting, your best ammunition Is a strong and powerful value proposition. Stress the critical issues you can relieve Plus the outcomes you help my company achieve.

In order for me to remember your name You must develop an account entry campaign. Seven to ten touches is what it will take But it's worth it with so much business at stake.

Finally I say to you – please don't be a bore. That's not how you develop positive rapport. Have a sense of humor, bring me some fun Then my full attention you will have won.

Remember all this the next time you phone So you can get through my no-entry zone. You must be prepared and invest your time To be a success in the new sales paradigm.

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