The Practice of Thinking, Feeling and Acting Prosperous - Part I

by Frederick Zappone


The word POWER comes from the "Old French" word, pooir. The word pooir means: to be able. The word "Able" means to have sufficient power or resources to accomplish anything you want such as creating the amount of prosperity you desire to have in your life. When you are feeling powerless, you are feeling the opposite of being able, you are feeling disabled.

The Poverty Feeling

The poverty feeling is a powerless feeling. It has no power to make your life better. It will however make you feel hopeless, helpless and victimized by life. When you experience feeling powerless, you deprive yourself of the prosperity that is your divine birthright. People create the powerless experience by making the unconscious choice (keywords) TO BE that way.

What is an Unconscious Choice?

When we make a choice that we cannot REMEMBER making, that is an unconscious choice.

The Effect of Unconscious Choices in our lives

Unconscious choices make us feel like something, someone or some power, outside ourselves, made those choices for us. As a consequence we feel powerless to change those choices. This attitude prevents us from being the author, creator, director and healer of our "life experiences" in partnership with the Source of our lives.

The Consequences of Unconscious Choices in our lives

The consequences of making the "unconscious choice" to be powerless is that we experience BEING powerless. The result of feeling that way is we automatically DO what powerless people do and HAVE what powerless people have, which is lack in all areas of our lives.

The Antidote to the Unconscious Choices we made early in life and carried forward into adulthood

The choice to be powerful is your spiritual inheritance. In each and every moment of the NOW you can choose to move from feeling and acting powerless to feeling and acting powerfully. In this moment, If you choose to BE powerful, you will do the exact opposite of what powerless people do. Keep in mind, feeling powerless does not mean you are powerless, it only means you feel that way. It is an honest but misleading feeling we should question every time we feel it.

In any situation where you feel powerless or do not know what to do next, ask yourself this question? "What would a powerful person do in my situation?" Money, by the way IS NOT power. It is, however, an incredible by-product of power authentically expressed. Bill Gates is worth at least forty-two (42) billion dollars, a by-product of expressing his authentic power. Is he forty-two billion times smarter than you are? Of course not. Does he have forty-two billion more hours in his day than you have in yours? No, not at all. What Bill Gates has known all of his life is that people who choose TO BE powerful DO what powerful people do and HAVE what powerful people have, which is health, happiness, prosperity and abundance in all areas of there lives. By the way, you have 86,400 moments each and every day of your life to make the choice to be powerful.

Prosperity-minded thinking Vs. Poverty-minded thinking

Our mind is a powerful instrument for good. It is a fertile field for all of our thoughts. We can use or misuse our minds as we see fit, that is what the "power of choice" is all about. A mind that is misused is one that has become polluted by the negative thinking of others who value unhappy thoughts and poverty thinking more than they value happiness and prosperity minded thinking. When we allow our mind to function as our benevolent servant rather than as our abusive master, it is then, and only then, that we can achieve the level of prosperity that is our birthright..

Prosperity begins when we say YES to it.

Being unhappy about the current state of our financial affairs won't bring us prosperity. In fact, our unhappiness is a roadblock to it. When we are unhappy about our financial affairs we are saying "no" to prosperity. Worrying about money or getting stressed out about our debt is counter-productive to developing a prosperous mind. Stress and worry robs us of our physical vitality and clouds both our thinking and the choices we make. When we are stressed out or worried about our money matters, this condition prevents us from "seeing" clearly how easy it really is to make money in abundance.

© Frederick Zappone

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