Publishing Your Own Ad Sheet

When you have accumulated sufficient knowledge from preparing your own circulars and from co-publishing magazines and adsheets of others, you may want to become a publisher. You have learned the going rates for various size ads depending on circulation, etc. Start with 1,000, the minimum circulation for an adsheet. Think up a good name for the title! Something different! Something unique! An interesting title will often mean the success or failure of your adsheet venture!

Have your first adsheet printed on both sides of an 8-1/2x11 sheet, 20# paper, folded in half to form four 5-1/2x8-1/2 pages. Use enough space for a good title, ad rate information and editors comments. Make it Co-publishable or simply an adsheet whereby each advertiser gets a few mailing copies, with the balance sent out by yourself or by paid mailers. As an incentive, print a couple of your offers as commission ads. Prepare and insert editorial material and articles of interest to the mailorder dealers... Solicit and offer free ads for your next issue.

You will lose cash flow on the first few issues, but at least you will be getting your own ads circulated and your adsheets out before the public. If you have a clean, nicely printed publication with the right unique and interesting Title, you will start receiving ads and after the fourth or fifth issue you should have it filled with paid ads, along with all of your own advertising.

As an example, if your rate is $4.00 per inch, you can still sell approximately $100 worth of ad space after allowing for all the space you need for title, rates, etc. Cutting this in half to allow for co-publishers 50% rate leaves $50 to pay for the printing and mailing. If handled properly, your own ads will ride free from that point forward.

Constantly build up your customers name list. Keep it up to date. This list is a valuable asset if properly maintained.

As your list of advertisers and co-publishers grow larger and larger, you can add more pages and continue to expand until you have a number one mailorder magazine producing reasonable profits!

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