The Rapture

Do You Really Believe You're Going To Heaven In A UFO?

Among the few Insiders who have bravely stepped forward to expose the true conspiracy of the UFO enigma, Norio Hayakawa and Bill Cooper appear to be leading the way and, before you purchase a ticket for the GREAT RAPTURE that is supposed to occur around the year 2000, I earnestly suggest you attend one of their lectures and listen carefully to what they have to say about this planned "staged" event.

Until I heard Mr. Cooper and corresponded with Mr. Hayakawa, I thought I was the only person who believed the UFO flap of the future would be presented by the Illuminati.

Now, of course, having reached more deeply into the Inner Circle of UFOlogy, I have learned that throngs of worried Americans and, indeed, people from all lands, are preparing themselves against the day the saucers appear over our cities and begin frying them with laser weapons while pretending to be messengers of Jesus and Yahweh.

If you believe you and your beloved family are going to heaven aboard a flying saucer, I am certain you will be disappointed to learn you aren't.

New Age literature proclaims with typical pantheistic fanaticism that if you go to a certain place at an appointed time, the heavenly angels will drive their aerial cars overhead and lift you, rejoicing all the way, straight into paradise.

The great exodus of human souls from earth, they say, will occur about the year 2000, but I wonder who made them guardians of this incredible knowledge that we have heretofore ascribed only to that which we call GOD?

Orthodox religions teach that GOD is that which there is none greater than, and that man is lower than the angels in the scheme of the cosmos.

Pantheistic religions insist on displacing GOD by teaching that humans, as everything else (including slugs and lice) are only a small part of GOD and, therefore, are, in reality, GOD. That which we think of as GOD does not exist in pantheistic literature. Pantheistic cosmology would place humans on an equal level with flies, mudholes, sea cucumbers, poison ivy and dung beetles, however, I suspect none of these god-creatures will be invited to ascend into heaven with you and your family, a clear indication that pantheists are all wet.

A long time ago humankind was admonished to "place no gods before ME for I am a jealous GOD." Today, thousands upon thousands of deluded people are turning from their creator to worship gleaming metal airships and lights in the skies. If I understand the literature correctly, these people are planning on walking out into open fields and upon mountain tops to expose themselves to laser cannon and biological toxins expecting to be carried away to Valhalla on the "Carousel."

Listen to me, friends! Several thousand Iraqi soldiers were also transported to Paradise by 20th Century technology during the Gulf War. I guarantee you that what the New Age/New World Order/One World Government has planned for you will be no less carnage than the "Road To Hell" out of Kuwait City.

The only difference will be that they tried to avoid it and you will go willingly to the slaughter, dragging your entire family, kicking and screaming up to the mountain top to certain and eternal death and damnation.

The Grand Poobahs of the New Age pantheism, in their higher degrees, worship Lucifer as the Lord of Light and Truth, and they have offered to sponsor a trip to heaven under the outspread wings of their god, the Great Satan!


Because the term "UFO" has been generally understood to describe unknown or unidentified aerial craft or other transient luminous objects, I will use it to convey the same meaning here although I find the term both misleading and inaccurate. I am convinced that most intelligence agencies worldwide know exactly what is moving through the skies of Earth and nearby space. The term probably should be revised to AO, or Aerial Objects.

Now, let's be straightforward about this UFO thing, shall we? Let's use our common sense to see if we can get to the bottom of the enigma.

Where are most UFOs observed? Near military bases; most specifically near Air Force Bases. They rise from Air Force Bases and they return to those same Air Force Bases.

What does this tell us? It tells us that the military stations are the home-bases for those particular UFOs, does it not? It does not imply, in even the broadest meaning, that the UFOs are off-world visitors refueling or resting from a long flight from Zeta Reticuli.

It does not imply that the craft are recovered alien wrecks or reconstructed from crashes. It does not imply that the UFOs are "loaners" from benevolent aliens until we can build our own.

They are our own. These secret "black projects" are being built by American companies with American tax money and are being tested at American bases worldwide. Additional craft are probably being produced in Great Britain and also tested worldwide. They are not the only strange craft plying the skies of Earth, however, and they may have been built to defend the planet from a sinister force, indeed!

Has anyone accurately described the interior of a "flying saucer?" Has anyone noted the location of the sleeping quarters, the galley, the head, the recreation area? No?

Why not? Two reasons: (1. UFOs are apparently built without these facilities for the same reason that an Air Force fighter plane has none. They are designed to make quick excursions to a specific target and return to a USAF base, or (2. the UFOs can jump sideways into the dimension from which they came or can return to a mothership or nearby off-world base and, therefore, have no need of such facilities.

A mothership, now, would have all these spaces and more; just about everything one might find aboard a modern U S Navy nuclear aircraft carrier or modern US Air Force base, including air wings of fast attack saucers and reconnaissance craft.

But somewhere out in the American southwest and middle western deserts, there may be a few secret bases where Earth patrols are sequestered to combat those incoming off-world craft.

Or maybe not. What if all this UFO conspiracy is nothing more than a ploy to keep someone's finger off the big red button? Despite what the media tells you, we are not out of danger from enemy nations right here on Earth and there are more wars being fought today than at any time in the past. Many of those nations have access to nuclear weapons. Many of those leaders would not hesitate to launch them, either!

In the heavens above Earth at this moment are several dozens of silent, dormant satellites. They were launched but were never activated. Someone here on earth is waiting for a certain time, a certain signal before activating them.

I suspect the time will be somewhere around the year 2000 and the signal will come from a vaulted room right here on this planet. The person who gives the command to activate those dozens of sleeping weapons will be the Commander-In-Chief who will rain fear and destruction down upon the "enemies of the State" during the inauguration of the New World Order.

If you consider that the evil assembly has at its command hundreds of satellite weapons and perhaps hundreds of advanced disk-shaped aircraft that can track a single human in a redwood forest from 500 miles away and can vaporize that human with a single computer-controlled laser blast, then we probably haven't a chance of stopping them.

One thing we can hope for is that there are still some intelligent people in the military who will refuse to kill their countrymen if they understand what is happening. The best we can hope for is that the human military pilots who man those saucers will turn them against those who seek to destroy modern civilization to install a worldwide Socialist dictatorship. If the pilots are gray clones, without allegiance to any human seed, we are lost.

Surveillance instruments like Keyhole and Joint Stars were not designed merely to find and track enemy soldiers on some far-flung battlefield. They were designed to find and track human beings and their vehicles, whether those humans are docile "politically correct" sheep, or those who will be labeled "enemies of the Socialist State."

Weapons to find and track humans are always linked to weapons that kill humans. At the end of each weapon system is a human fist, ready to slam the hammer down and send some unique technology on a one-way journey to death and destruction.

Now that the intensity of the cold/hot war is over and we are being convinced from every form of media that "Communism is dead," to what use do you imagine military and political powers will put their expensive technological marvels?

Well, tracking and killing regular old citizens is right up there at the top of the list. When there are more people than food, don't you imagine someone somewhere will figure it is time to rid the Earth of the "useless feeders," those whom they feel are breathing "their" air, drinking "their" water and eating "their" food?

A few weekends past, National Guard Units all over America were training to do only one thing: House to house search for weapons and political literature not deemed "correct" by the New World Order/ New Age One World Government.

The New World Order will be strictly Marxist Communism, people, and the sooner you get that through your heads, the better we can prepare to oppose them.

Preparations have already been made for the United Nations and its worldwide army to collect taxes from Americans, beginning as early as 1994 or 1995. They will collect these "taxes" at the point of a gun.

A few years ago this would have been called a "Protection racket." Today, it is called the New World Economic Order/New World Order/New Age Movement/One World Government and is being forced upon freedom-loving Americans through Socialist controlled newspapers, ALL television stations and all popular "trendy" magazines.

The One-Worlders insist that all things proceed from God and are, collectively, God; therefore, everything has an equal right to life.

Yet, this same movement did not hesitate to murder 125,000 Iraqi soldiers who are no less a part of God than any one of us. 20,000 of those conscripts were buried alive by US Army bulldozers. What kind of children are we raising, for crying out loud? And how does the New World Order/New Age Movement reconcile these horrible atrocities against God?

The establishment press (who will be sponsoring the Great Exodus 2000) now tells us that less than 600 Iraqi soldiers were actually killed. The number has been "officially" set at 577.

If this is true, Americans spent about $5 BILLION to kill each soldier. Either the Establishment is exceptionally stupid for allowing such expenditures for so little "kill," or they believe we are so inordinately stupid that we're going to believe the lie.

The Gulf War was actually staged so Russian leadership could change hands while we weren't watching. Or did you not notice that the two events happened at the same time? US military satellites were actually informing the Russian leaders of advancing tanks and Soviet military units (because that old Keyhole in the sky was watching their every move).

With this technology waiting in the wings and given the goals of the New World Order/New Age Movement, does anyone really believe they will not hesitate to use it in any way necessary to achieve their plans?

One of the most significant planned events will be the appearance of their "UFOs" worldwide offering to lift the "true believers" into Paradise. They are already advertising the Ascension and the Rapture! Instead of spending months searching every village and farm for idiots wanting to take a ride to hell, they will invite millions of gullible people to come to them. Then they will fry them all in one great nuclear/photon oven and be on their way to the next rendezvous.

Incidentally, among those people chosen to die will be the very faithful New Agers who spent years of their lives advancing the New Age Movement, those who will go to their deaths believing they will ascend to heaven in a UFO.

Well, not only are they not going to heaven, they will have wasted their lives manifest as flesh by helping to advance the cause of the most evil people on Earth. There will, of course, be an accounting for that somewhere considerably short of Paradise.

Now, I do not mean to imply that I believe all UFOs are from this planet, that they are nothing more than military hardware or the advanced technology of enemy nations. On the contrary, I can think of a number of reasons why they might be off-world craft. I will, however, leave that for a future report and explain, instead, why I believe most UFOs have a terrestrial origin. I realize that anyone with enough intelligence to have researched the enigma can and should refute any of my ideas if they have sound reasons for doing so.

1. Animal mutilations have never been proven to be orchestrated by off-world beings. There is, however, considerable evidence to lead one to conclude that animals are being mutilated to provide the medium for growing horrible disease cultures designed to kill human beings in great numbers. Does it not seem odd that animal mutilations have occurred in the same country accused of developing the AIDS virus at Fort Detrick, Maryland (now the National Cancer Institute)? The AIDS virus is a recombinant cattle/sheep virus grown in human tissue and it was specifically designed to kill humans.

2. No one, regardless of their background or testimony, has proven that aerial cars observed by people from every nation on Earth have off-world origins. Again, there is considerable evidence to show that "nuts and bolts" UFOs are military hardware developed in Germany as early as 1943 or 1944 (i.e., see reports #32 and #38).

3. Of one thing you may be certain: Those who have come out of secret bases to reveal extraordinary information about "alien beings" and "alien spacecraft" and their fantastic engines are either unknowing dupes of the New World Order/New Age Movement or they are its active agents. They have either been "allowed" to escape to spread lies and "disinformation" (a KGB term, by the way) or they have been instructed to do so, probably under threat of death.

If you remember nothing else from these reports, remember this: The first step in planning a covert operation is to create a diversion that will keep everyone looking in the wrong direction so the real operation can commence with as little notice as possible. Once the operation has begun, the media (TV, radio, newspapers, magazines) will feed disinformation to the people so they do not catch on to what is really happening until it is too late. The present UFO flap (TV, books, "in" magazines, motion pictures) is the diversion, people, so you can bet something is going to happen soon. Unfortunately, it will be quite unpleasant for us all.

4. If what we are seeing are off-world vehicles driven by evil aliens, it seems to me that they are not using their power, technology or time in an economic manner. No one, with such advanced technology, should have to waste 50 years (or 5000 years) to overpower a primitive Earth. On the other hand, if the technology is Earth-based and is only now reaching a stage of high development, the delay in overcoming us can be explained, can it not? I cannot, for instance, believe that an advanced race of beings (grays) have not been able to figure out how to eliminate the deadly radiation fields around their space craft after millions of years. I can, however, imagine that the Air Force or the Navy has been unsuccessful in protecting its pilots or stray observers from being burned or electrocuted by electrical or nuclear fields surrounding disk shaped craft.

5. There is evidence to indicate that the "gray aliens" may have been grown in Earth laboratories from altered human cells (DNA manipulation). This same evidence suggests that humans are being abducted so these New Age Doctor Moreaus may obtain new, fresh human cells, blood and tissue in which to nurture those fabricated "alien" embryos. Having obtained a successful strain or egg, they could easily implant them into human females to carry (almost) to term.

Like all other hybrids, the "aliens" probably cannot reproduce themselves, therefore, new humans are always required for eggs, tissues, etc. If you believe you have been abducted, you were probably kidnapped by the New Age doctors and parts of you may still be in their laboratories. Additionally, if the tissues they removed from you prove to be a successful medium in which to grow their "aliens," they will be back for more.

To keep track of you, you may have been implanted with a micro-transmitting device similar to those found on sea turtles or other creatures science wants to keep under their scrutiny. This is certainly not a method of surveillance that would be used by a race of beings "millions of years" more advanced than Earthlings. It is, however, exactly the method of tracking that is now being used by human scientists to locate and count everything from fish to bears to household pets (and humans).

6. Unexplained, and perhaps ever unexplainable, are reports of sightings of aerial phenomena since the beginning of recorded history. Certainly, many of those sightings must be attributed to naturally occurring atmospheric or celestial disturbances. Others may be exactly what the authors suggest: angels or messengers from God. If we take these as literal translations, there is nothing in the sighting to imply that the beings were aliens from another planet. They were God's messengers.

7. More recent reports of sightings before the advent of jet aircraft, missiles, rockets or laser beams may be attributed to ball lightning, swamp gas or other transient luminous objects that fall within the realm of (almost) known science. A small percentage of those sightings, however, must be classified as unknown and may have been something we can never explain.

It is interesting to note, incidentally, that most of the New Age books printed to reveal these otherwise unverifiable recounts, are those published by the very companies that actively support the New Age Movement/New World Order/One World Government/International Socialism and whose editors, owners and managers generally are Freemasons or other New Age cultists.

For all practical purposes, those unverified sightings, signs, artwork and experiences should be discounted as pure propaganda unless and until they can be firmly proven; a feat, I submit, that cannot be done. Newspaper accounts and even "official government" reports prove nothing and can be refuted as easily as this report can be refuted. Writing something is not proof of authenticity. Until proven, all text, especially that found in Establishment books and magazines edited by government or New Age monitors is little more than one person's conjecture or outright propaganda.

A case in point is an account of the MJ-12 documents revealed by two investigators some years ago. These documents were "exposed" as having been falsified when it was shown that President Truman's signature was lifted from another document and the entire text was typed on a typewriter not built until several years after the document was supposed to have been written.

We might assume from the meaning of the article, since the FBI was more involved then than they are now, that they (FBI) examined and proved the document false. It should be noted, however, that the book in which the article was printed is published by the same company that actively supports the coming New Age/One World Government. My questions about the article were never answered by the editor or by any staff member. That does not mean the article itself was false, but it certainly casts some doubt over it, at least to my way of thinking. Why won't they explain how and where they obtained their information that supposedly disproves the MJ-12 documents? Perhaps they are more deeply involved in the conspiracy than they wish to reveal.

Unfortunately, the investigation of the UFO enigma, from the UFO Inner Circle to federal intelligence agencies, is so fragmented that none of us may ever reach a useful conclusion.

Inner Circle factions fight like little children over their separate ideas about tiny aspects of their experiences. Of course, this delights the New Agers no end! As long as none of us can agree, their plans can and will proceed undeterred.

But even federal intelligence agencies are having a tough time coming up with answers to everything. Each of them believes they have the only correct theory and they fight each other every step of the way. They do this primarily out of fear of losing budget money so their vision is clouded at the outset, particularly since they must invent new reasons why they should continue now that Russia has severely cut military/intelligence budgets in these areas.

Military intelligence agencies investigating UFO sightings probably have less to lose and more to gain by discrediting opponents than do civilian intelligence agencies since they do so out of a real need to protect secret aircraft and engine designs.

DIA, NSA, CIA and various Military units are actively investigating UFO sightings. The FBI, which is probably the one organization that should be investigating, officially states that it has a passive role only, collecting reports but passing them on to other intelligence agencies for further study. If this has not changed by some Executive decree, I think it should.

One method used by federal agencies to investigate UFOs is the use of scanners or psychics. These psychics have been expected to look at photographs of Soviet submarines and to then "see" those ships at their present location under the seas. This was Project Aquarius and was reported to be almost 50% accurate! This is an impressive score, if true.

But if psychics could touch a photo of a submarine and find it beneath the seas, could they not also locate UFOs or predict the appearance of flying saucers? The answer appears to be, "yes." While scanning Soviet submarines, one psychic seems to have "seen" a UFO hovering above it. This led to further investigation into scanning by several federal agencies and, simultaneously, by Soviet intelligence agencies.

But if scanners can locate submarines beneath the seas and aerial cars or aircraft above the planet, could they not also locate specific people, specific documents, including military officers and secret projects? Again, the answer appears to be, "yes." One particularly proficient scanner accurately located an officer and several classified documents in an underground secret base in rural Virginia. This feat so disturbed the intelligence agency that they dispatched teams to determine if the documents had been stolen or otherwise jeopardized. Their conclusion: The psychic has seen the environment only through the power of his mind.

This raises some serious questions. If scanners can locate military officers and classified documents buried in a secret underground base, can they not also scan each of us at will to discover what we write, how we think, where we store our documents and, indeed, how much money we have and in which banks we have our bank accounts? The answer, of course, is, "yes."

Cannot these scanners also, then, by extension, communicate with off-world beings or predict the appearance of aerial craft, or even create manifestations of UFO? Well, if we are really being visited by off-world creatures and if there are really off-world craft entering our space, then the answer must be, "yes." Why else would intelligence agencies continue to investigate, to employ psychics, to question witnesses, and to discredit investigators who are trying to get to the bottom of the enigma?

Can they not influence our thinking by "projecting" their wishes into our minds? Can they not confuse us with errant ideas and theories? Could they not, if they willed it strongly enough, cause their enemies to drop dead? The intelligence agencies are actually experimenting with these mind-weapons.

According to recently published claims, there is a "fence" of electromagnetic detection devices located across the southern border of the United States to detect space craft above US territory. This "fence" is reported to be tripped by space craft, missiles, satellites and "unknown" craft, upon which occasion NORAD is alerted. More than once have they been alerted by the incursion of "unknown" vehicles.

Whether these unknowns are secret US aircraft participating in planned exercises or true unidentified flying objects is anybody's guess, however, reports, real or imagined, have been received that NORAD and the intelligence agencies have no answers for some of the contacts which have prompted near-war standby conditions.

But if the intelligence agencies are prompted to action by a few UFO sightings, they are notably lethargic about most others, suggesting that they know exactly what is flying above our cities most of the time.

While some European nations have sent aircraft aloft to investigate UFOs intruding into their airspace, to date, no one has launched interceptors to investigate the triangle-shaped craft that hovers above New England cities for hours on end. About the only action our military or intelligence agencies have taken is to claim that the THAP is nothing more than a formation of ultra-light aircraft! This should give us a clue to the origin of some UFOs.

But if we want to know what this strange craft is, what other odd unidentified aircraft are, we should be questioning Northrup and Lockheed designers, Rocketdyne and Boeing engineers, not CIA or NSA or DIA who are charged with the responsibility of maintaining the integrity of secret "black projects."

What we should be doing is investigating the sightings the intelligence agencies are investigating. Everything else has already been identified.

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