A Few Recession-Proof Businesses Ideas
by Henry Lucus

Some businesses seem to strengthen in times of recession. When the economy starts to slow, people start looking around for ways to cut back on expenses, and they give up the frivolous items in favor of the basics.

Despite the recession, the health care industry is swelling with opportunity. Health care is more expensive than ever, and the health care community provides more services than ever. And, as the baby boomers age, the market promises to grow ever larger for products and service that help people live longer, live more comfortably, and live more enjoyable in old age. While you may be likely to come up with some astounding new medical breakthrough in your garage, you may be able to profit from by establishing a delivery service or selling health care products that will generate hefty revenues.

As we said, people don't cut back on their intake of food just because a recession is underway. Instead, they will cut back on the fancy stuff and take a renewed look at how the basics can be made to satisfy their need for variety. A fresh fruit and vegetables always look good. If you have at least a small plot of land you can grown enough food to make a surprisingly good living.

Death is another part of the life cycle that isn't going to stop for a recession, and a well-run funeral parlor will weather the economic storms.

Debt collection is another area that remains steady in good times or bad. If you like telephone work, you can develop a clientele that will rely on you to collect on overdue bills through the courts.

Plumbing, electrical, roof repair, termiting and other vital home repair functions will continue to thrive in periods of recession. If homeowners put off maintenance and repairs, it only means that ultimately they will pay a higher price for a greater amount of work.

In bad times, there are always ways to thrive, if you are perceptive and agile. Never feel that because a recession is under way that there are no opportunities open to you.

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