Functional Alternative's For Women Suffering From Stress

by Phil Beckett

Like many women you may have suffered from stress at one time or another. Sometimes it may seem that your life is jammed in overdrive and there's nothing you can do to slow it down.

Throughout your life, you will indeed face one or even many emotional challenges. Stress has always been, and will always be a part of every-day life.

The frenzied speed of modern day life and activity leave's many women in a constant state of emergency, which inevitably takes the fun and enjoyment out of life and will also take a toll on your health.

In addition to the many things in everyday life that you might expect to cause stress, like financial difficulties, rush hour traffic, relationship troubles, it's imperative to appreciate that stress can be cause by any sort of significant event in your life, positive or negative.

You may be able to handle certain stressful situations very well while other's may have a tremendously adverse effect on you.

When you suffer from stress you may become restless, irritable, tired, and very tense. Sometimes you may want to sleep all the time or are unable to sleep at all.

Typical reactions include anxiety, depression, drinking alcohol, rage or fear. You may want to eat a tremendous amount of food and gain weight or can't eat at all and lose a tremendous amount of body weight.

You may also suffer from headaches, indigestion, joint and muscle aches, sweaty palms, backaches, digestive troubles, skin rashes, ulcers or other stress-related problems. You may be more forgetful than usual or find it harder to concentrate.

Excessive stress has also been linked to more serious problems like high blood pressure and heart disease. It can make just about any symptom much worse regardless of the original cause.

Losing your sense of humor is another signal, as is smoking & drinking, more than you generally do.

Stress has a very negative effect on your immune system. If you're suffering under a lot of stress, you may fall victim very easily to infections because your body's immune system has been depleted.

If you recognize any of these symptoms, or if you can't remember the last time you felt really relaxed and calm, it may be time to make some changes to reduce the stress in your life.

Stress isn't as difficult to handle as you may think. Persistent stress doesn't have to control your life. To relieve and eliminate stress you first have to start taking it seriously and accepting the fact that it has a significant effect on your health and well-being.

When you do this you can then learn how to recognize the signs of this condition and find ways to reduce or eliminate it all together.

Ways to prevent, treat & eliminate stress;

Physicians and health professionals worldwide are now recognizing that preventing and eliminating stress through exercise & a good nutrition program, is your best choice.

For most people who suffer from stress either occasionally or every day, exercise is a very important factor in coping.

Exercise is one of the best all-around solutions to stress.

You'll be amazed how fast you'll begin to feel better when you make physical activity a regular part of your life. Besides distracting you from the difficulties you face, it has an overall relaxing effect.

Exercise in general reduces anxiety, depression, and tension.

Make certain, though, that the exercise and physical activities you choose feel natural and comfortable.

Something that you think you'll enjoy works best.

Start out slowly and build up gradually. If you try to do too much too soon you may start to feel even more stressed out. And be realistic about your goals.

Just try to be active in some way every day, even if it's not a complete workout at a gym or with your home fitness equipment.

The mental and physical benefits of daily exercise could give you just the lift you need!

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Phil Beckett is the author of The New Women's Guide To Successful Weight Loss & Fitness. He's helped thousands of women with their weight loss & fitness goals over the past 14 years. Visit to contact Phil.

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