What You Do To Reach Top Rankings In Search Engines?

by Llando Ford

Without doubt, it is hard to reach top positions in search engines especially If you are not an expert and intend to reach this high rankings with the most frequently used keywords and key phrases like, Internet marketing, home business, Money, money making. In a word, the most relevant keywords and phrases to sites which contain information about the art of making money on the Internet.

Despite of this fact we all, who are involved in Internet Marketing, do our best to reach top positions in search engines, knowing that this is almost a guarantee for getting visitors - for making sales. But to believe that just a top ranking will stay as guaranteed asset for ever, (for long time) is too optimistic. Top rankings are a very good thing but, you can never have 100% control over your position. Therefore, if one day you reach a top position and visitors begin to flood your site, - keep in mind - your position lays in the hands of the search engines leading personnel.

When I say search engines, I am talking (like the most people) about the major search engines. Google, Yahoo, MSN.

More than 80% of all searches worldwide occurs through them, which means, your site will get more traffic from Google, Yahoo or MSN as from all the other search engines together.

This major search engines, Using their leading position, are creating the "Internet laws", making you a hard time in optimising your pages for high ranking. The page rank, how you know, is calculated through periodically changing algorithms. (The sad part is that you never know how the current algorithm works and when it will be changed to a completely other one).Just remember Googles "Florida Update" from October 2003 , when many sites lost their top position and hundreds of thousands of dollars with it, because of a totally new algorithm.

It is a kind of "mission impossible" to create The perfectly optimised site and there is no reason to try to create it since the algorithm can be changed any time - in a funny situation exactly than When your site optimisation is finished. Don't get me wrong I suggest you to optimise your site for top rankings as good as you can. What I mean here is that you will never get it perfect, because of the dynamic of algorithms used by search engines.

According to Google: "PageRank performs an objective measurement of the importance of web pages by solving an equation of more than 500 million variables and 2 billion terms."


If you read carefully the directives on the search engine webmaster's pages, you can learn about the criteria requested from a site to correspond their listing guidelines, however there it is almost nothing to find about how to optimize a site for high ranking. (See too. http://docs.yahoo.com/info/suggest/appropriate.html)

This information remains (for some reasons) hidden and you can find it only in webmaster forums like http://www.webmasterworld.com, different marketing courses or newsletters.

Yes it is possible to optimise your site and reach high rankings - That's why SEO companies survive and make huge money, and that's why they can keep their pages in top positions.

There are some general rules to keep, when creating a website, to reach almost guaranteed good rankings in all search engines - If… and I want to accentuate, If you have a large number of incoming links to your Website from "authority" sites. (This are generally high ranking sites.) http://www.google.com/corporate/tech.html

Because of the huge competition you can not reach top rankings with more than 1-3 keywords or phrases per page, that's why the best solution is to optimize every single page for one or two keywords(phrases) as follows:

Your main keywords should be contained in:

  1. The title tag: Take care how you formulate this first sentence because it is human readable.( The line on the very top of the screen on blue background)
  2. Your headline tag (H1 tag if you wish) should contain the same keywords.
  3. Your sale copy: should begin with this keywords and in your first three sentences you should repeat this keywords 3 more times.
  4. This Keyword(s) should make 3% to 11% of all the other keywords on this page.

To learn the details about this points and much more about search engine optimization I recommend two Excellent sources.

As I have mentioned incoming links are more important as keyword optimization. The simplest way to get hundreds of incoming links to your site is to contact 10-20 webmasters daily (owners of relative sites to yours) With your link exchange request. You can also automate your link exchange using automation software like Arelis. http://www.Axandra.com/go.to/Llando

And there it is a neat not widely known trick which I want to talk about shortly in this article. The method of creating multiple keyword optimised pages which direct to your sales page containing your main (or even other) content.

How you can do this?

The trick is exactly what I was talking about above. Create optimised web pages with great content for many hundreds of keywords. - One page for each keyword.

Since on The Internet everything is a numbers game, It is obvious, the more pages you have listed In search engines the more visitors you will receive.

Search engines are warning you not to put up doorway pages which sole propose is to redirect traffic to another site. Optimising one page of your site for one keyword Is something totally else as a doorway page. You can use the approximately same, high value content, optimised for many different keywords.

The neat part is that you can create this pages with a push of a button If you use the right software. You link from your main site to this pages and your job is done. The search engine spiders will follow your outgoing links and will find your pages. Within three months Your visitors will crash down your server.

Ok this is a joke, but the truth is the number of your visitors will grow to many thousands a month. This is not a joke.

My site (http://www.marketingadvices.com/?nov.) according to Alexa ranking came up from position 700 thousand some to 160 thousand within three months. You can check this easily if you go to http://www.alexa.com

If you are curious how this programs are working just go to:

As final conclusion, I would say free traffic from search engines Is a very good thing and It is worth to spend some hours with the optimisation of your website. Even if you pay a SEO company to optimise your site can be worth your expenses if you own a great selling product(s).

Search engines will definitely make your life always harder. You can never be sure that your site will stay on the same position tomorrow as today.( No problem if you have thousands of pages) but don't forget, everything can change very fast. So my personal meaning is you can optimise your site and stay in top positions but never build your life around this single Asset.

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