Are Safelists An Effective Way To Advertise?

by Paul Kellum

First of all, what is a safelist? A safelist is a collection of email addresses of people who have joined as members, and then give their permission to receive email from the other members. In turn they get to mail to all the other members on the list.

When messages are sent to the safelist they are not considered spam, because each person on the safelist has given their permission to receive email from other members. Every message that is sent should have removal instructions, so a person can be easily removed from the list.

It is possible to reach thousands of potential customers without ever receiving a spam complaint. You don't have to worry about losing your ISP, because it is not spam.

There are thousands of safelists on the net, many of them free. But the giant safelists host are fading away. Ones such as Globelists, Onelist, Egroups, and Listbot. They are all gone, but have been replaced by many private lists, and smaller safelists hosts, who seem to be around for the long run.

With these lists you can advertise safely, and without worry. There is a difference of opinion on how effective they are, but many have expressed good results with them.

Some have different type of memberships such as Free, Pro, and Platinum. There are even some who operate on the point system. They give you a certain amount of points when you join as a member.

In any event, safelists seem to be a very effective way to reach a large number of prospects without spamming.

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Paul Kellum is the owner of The Smallbiz Marketer Safelist! The safelist were your message is actually delivered and read. It based on the points system. For More info:

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