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by Lonnie Lee Best
Lonnie Lee Best
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Above, I've created a savings simulator. To use it, simply fill out the form; it will generate a table that I hope will encourage and excite you.

You see, I think most of us have the dream of becoming rich. Some of us dream of being "filthy rich" and others of us dream of just having enough money to simply "not have to work".

How will you get rich? My Plan A is to invent or create something that people are happy to purchase. Your Plan A may be even more challenging than mine. So that's why we need a Plan B too . . . a secondary plan that we simultaneously execute along with our primary (preferred) plan.

I hope my tool makes you realize that "aggressive savings" plus "conservative monthly investing" is a worthy backup plan (or, maybe, even a worthy primary plan).

Recently, I got an "ING account" (its an online banking account) that pays 4.5 APR (FDIC Insured). Each time I get paid, I deposit my money into my regular checking account. At this time, I also decide how much of that income is needed for immanent bills. What ever is left over, I transfer from my checking account to my ING account so that I can have that money safely working for me (drawing interest each month).

ING isn't a small internet startup bank; they're among the largest banks in the world and they're publicly traded ( You can open an account with only $250.00, and if you sign up via someone's invitation, they'll deposit $25.00 in your account just for signing up. If you're interested, I'll send you an invitation. Send me your full name and a valid email address here.

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