How To Make Money With A Sewing Machine

As more and more women are relieved from time consuming housekeeping chores, thanks to the modern equipment and appliances that we have, they are finding time to cultivate other activities. On the other hand, many families have grown to the point where extra income is needed to make ends meet.

This report is provided as a means of earning some pretty good money, right from the comfort of the home. Most women have the skills necessary to make any of these plans work successfully - using the sewing machine. Look over these plans very carefully; at least one could be the one that you've been looking for.


Mending Service. Any woman with good sewing ability can earn substantial money in most communities with this plan. Single men and women who live alone are good prospective customers for this service. They usually don't have the time, let alone the skill, to bring their clothing up to standard, and will welcome your services.

To reach these people, all you have to do is place a small classified ad in your local newspaper - something like this:

MENDING, PATCHING, general clothing repairs at very reasonable rates. Guaranteed, quality work. (phone number here).

Do good work and you will keep busy.. Word of mouth advertising will bring you lots more business. Your rates should be established according to the condition of the clothing, and the amount of work to be done. Set your rates so you can average at least $7.00 per hour or more. $100.00 per week should be easy to earn.


Manufacture Curtains and Drapes. This type of specialized sewing is not too common, and your chance for success using this plan is outstanding. Your best bet is to offer custom work, at prices about the same as "stock" curtains and drapes. To contact prospective customers place a small ad something like this:

DRAPERIES AND CURTAINS made to order at reasonable prices. Best Selections of material - all work guaranteed. Free estimates. (your phone number here)

Contact a wholesale fabric distributor to obtain material samples. Most will give them to you free; others may charge a small deposit for them. Because you will be buying the material from them, most will offer the samples free of charge. Be sure to select a wide variety of samples, in all price ranges. Almost all drapery and drapery hardware manufacturers also sell or give away instruction booklets on how to measure material needs and hang draperies.

Your earnings will be unlimited. Mildred started offering custom drapes, and worked about 5 hours each day at the beginning. Inside of just two years here husband quit his job to become her installer - and stayed busy. Here policy was to obtain prices on standard drapes from several stores in the area, and then offer a better quality in custom drapes at the same price. It didn't take long for the word to get out, and she was soon manufacturing all the drapes for several housing contractors in her area. She now nets as much as $500.00 per week.


Manufacture Rugs. Any heavy material, such as canvas or burlap, can be used as a backing for rugs. On this material you simply draw a pattern that you wish to create, or use transfer patterns which are available at most supply houses. You then wind your yarn around a guide and stitch to the material. You will discover that with a little practice you can complete even the most delicate pattern on your rugs.

Each finished rug can be an original creation, and you will have a ready market for them. Your best bet is to offer consignment to gift shops, furniture stores and perhaps appliance stores in your area. Offer them a commission of 30% on each sale that they make. Rugs of this type command a fair market price, and your mark-up will be excellent. The average small throw rug should sell for about $12.00, and even allowing a 30% commission will still give your about a 6 to 1 mark-up.

Also consider selling your crafts at the local flea markets and swap meets. One gal in San Jose is averaging about $200.00 a week in sales at the flea market. A lot of her customers are back time and again - they like the quality. Do good work and you can enjoy the same type of success.


Letters and Emblems. In many areas it is almost impossible for schools and sports teams to find letters and emblems for their uniforms and sweaters. If you are interested in this plan you should first contact the sporting goods stores in your ares. Offer to contract with them to provide the letters and emblems for all the uniforms that they sell. Most stores will be more than glad to contract with a local source of supply, as they must nearly always order everything from out of town. Although this plan is seasonal, once you become established, all future business will be automatic, and could amount to several thousand dollars a year.

If your own one of the new "wonder" sewing machines that can do jobs like this practically automatically, this may be for you!


Custom Sewing for Special Women. Stout and very tall women, plus super-small women, are considered hard to fit. If you have dress making abilities, you can build a profitable business very quickly, with a minimum of effort.

Your first step will be to make a study of the types and materials that will make dresses and skirts more presentable for stout, tall and super small women. If you can come up with a wardrobe plan for each customer that presents good taste and style, at a reasonable price, you are in! Keep them well-dressed and happy with your work and word of mouth alone will give you more business than you dreamed possible.

This is a specialized sewing field, and the demand is already established. Clothing stores can't handle this type of business, because the "dress factories" do not set up for anything except "standard-fit" sizes. You have a wide open field.

Assembling a good variety of specially sized patterns is important. If you don't know how to fit properly, visit your local library and find out about books and manuals that can teach you. There are many.


Stuffed Toys. Make a visit to any toy outlet in your area and count the large numbers of stuffed toys - especially around Christmas time. To manufacture these pretties does not require any special skills, other than the use of a sewing machine.

You simply cut out and sew together patterns, such as dolls, pandas, teddy bears, a nd others. Stuff them and you are in business. You can take orders and sell direct to the stores in your area, in quantity lots, or offer them on consignment. Also consider flea markets and swap meets. A good price is paid for good work, and if you have a little imagination, you can create YOUR ORIGINALS. Large stuffed toys can sell for a such as $120.00 - and that's mostly profit - as your cost for materials will be very small.


Specialty Products. One of the most overlooked items to come off the sewing machine is the apron. Come up with a dozen designs and offer them "imprinted" with the personal name of someone - to order. A few samples left on consignment in stores will bring home the bacon. Also consider "custom" made towels, face cloths, pan holders, scarves and you name it. The material cost is very low, and the time involved is minute. Place a few samples with gift shops and offer them a 30% commission. The bucks will be pouring in. Let your imagination run wild with these products. It could blossom into a full time venture for you overnight!


Repair & Zipper Service for Dry Cleaners. If you live in a city and know how to install zippers, make suit repairs, turn collars and cuffs, etc., your authorized dry cleaners may be in need of your services. Many of these stores have calls for repairs, but not often enough to employ a full-time seamstress. Comb the stores that you could service without too much driving around, and make up a sensible price schedule. Business cards and order blanks should be left for them to call you if a pick-up is ready.

In general your skills will be important, but your business will grow and be profitable because you develop a clientele that comes back to you because they are satisfied, and you know (or learn) what you have to change, how to estimate and how to buy well (to make a reasonable commission on goods.)

Repeat business is always more valuable than new customers. New customers are harder to find and advertising is more expensive than "keeping in touch"

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