Promote Your Business for Free With a Signature File

by Mario Sanchez

Email is a great way to promote your business. First, most people read their email every day. Second, it allows you to send focused messages to a specific target audience. Email messages travel fast and are often forwarded to friends, or people that may find your message useful.

You must take advantage of this by creating a signature file for your messages. If you are using Outlook or Outlook Express, you can easily create your signature file by opening the Tools menu, and clicking on Options > Signature. If you're using a web based email service, they will provide you with instructions.

A good signature file must have your name, your contact information, and most importantly: a link to your website and a short, catchy tagline. Remember that for email messages to be an effective marketing tool, you have to send them to people you know, or who have chosen (opted in) to receive them. Remember to sign up for discussion groups and mailing lists related to your business and post regularly.

Finally, a word of caution about Email marketing: don't ever, ever, send unsolicited mail (spam). This will not only annoy the recipient, but will most certainly make your marketing efforts backfire, since those on the receiving end will regard you with contempt. Even when somebody agrees to receive your messages, use that trust responsibly by sending only messages that are relevant to the recipients, and don't bombard them with promotional offers.

Use email responsibly, and your signature file will be one of the most effective free promotional tools for your business.

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