How Did I Get Started Online?

by PT Cheng

In this article, I'm revealing my personal experience of how I started my online business and who influenced me the most with regards to Internet business.

Unlike other articles on Internet business, I'm not going to talk about how to write HTML programming, how to design web pages, where to register domain names, and others. I'd focus more on the mentality and psychology of the whole process.


Because without adequate mental preparation, there will be no results. You need internal motivation and desire to build anything including Internet business.

By doing so, my humble goal is to help those who still have doubts and hesitation to start Internet business to get started. The best time to start is NOW.

Years ago, while I was surfing the Internet looking for Internet business ideas, I accidentally stumbled upon Corey Rudl's web site. I was glued to his web site and I was so excited that the web site is full of excellent tips on how you can make money online. No empty promises as other web sites offer.

That was simply one of the best Internet marketing sites available as it attracted me the most (it shows he's a marketing genius).

After thinking hard about it, I finally bought his book "The Insider Secrets to Marketing Your Business On The Internet."

That's was the first time I learn extensively about Internet business. From then on, there is no turning back. I kept on thinking about Internet business ideas anywhere, anytime: what I can do to make money online.

But like most people, I was just thinking and I procrastinated. Nothing materialized...

Only after two years I bought Corey's book, then only I seriously put my idea into action.

It took me almost a year to build a web site. From doing research to design, from development to content preparation. Luckily, I have partners who helped me to share the workload.

During the process of building my web site, I subscribed to Ken Evoy's Affiliate Masters Course. It's the most comprehensive free course available.

It contained more than 300 pages. I took Ken's advice and this formed the thrust of my web site. I learn a lot from this course. And I really put his concepts into testing. I've to admit that this course worth more than just a free course.

Whenever I recommend this free course to my friends, the 300-page plus course really puts them off. They don't bother to read such a long book, they expect something easier than this. They are looking for shortcuts but unfortunately there's none.

If you want to be successful, you have to put in a lot of effort.

Ken's free course is superb and it helps me to avoid mistakes that most people do when they first started. I owe this to Ken. If you don't read this course, then success is too far for you.

Corey and Ken are the most influential people for me on Internet business. Both of them are great innovators and great marketers.

Along the way, my partners and I actually deviated from our original business model. We made several changes until we found a suitable business model.

As you go along, it's common that you feel down and de-motivated at times. But it's part of the process. What is more important is do not give up and give the best shot you can. Always focus on your end results. Don't be misled by temporary setbacks.

My web site was not without problems. I did face a few problems as I went along. I had problems with my web hosting company and I also had problems with Internet software.

You must overcome these problems in order to move on.

For those who aspire to build Internet business, the best way to start is to learn from someone who has been there. Try to avoid unnecessary mistakes from the start. Do it correctly. If you make a mistake, learn from it.

But don't wait until you are 100% ready before you start. If so, you'll never start. It's not possible for you to be 100% ready. Go for it even you are 60% ready.

That's my personal experience in building Internet business. If you are ready mentally, you've won half of the battle.

If you want more resources, I've compiled a list of excellent resources for Internet business at

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