Three Easy Steps To Stop Drinking Alcohol

by Brian S.

You've always heard the old expression: "once an alcoholic - always an alcoholic". This is the most inaccurate statement on earth! I was a 'hard core' alcoholic for 29 long, miserable, confusing, poverty stricken years. I thought there was (literally) NO HOPE FOR ME. I drank anything that had alcohol in it. It started in high school and continued through my 40's. I tried everything 'I' could think of to quit but, never was able.

My wife and I were living in a motel, riding the bus and going to the Church benevolent committee for food. At night, my wife would often wake me up, telling me it was time to go to bed and... my face would be stuck in the middle of my plate, with food all over my nose, eye's, cheeks, etc. and I was passed-out drunk... asleep in my dish! Then one morning, I woke up on the couch feeling (as usual) ... like hell. 10 o'clock in the morning on a work day. I noticed my wedding ring was missing but couldn't remember where I had put it or why. All I know, was that, it must have been another rough night of drinking. I looked for my wife and she was in a 'fetal' position on the bed, crying and saying "I'm going to leave, I'm going to leave, I'm going to leave".

I was going to get drunk again but... decided to take a shower first. While I was in the shower... scenes from my life began to flash before me. All the damage I had done while using alcohol, all the DWI's, all the jobs I had lost, the kids that no longer contacted me... EVERYTHING! Then... as I went to get dressed, sitting on the couch, I dropped to my knee's with tears in my eye's and said out loud: "Lord... ... my liver is hurting, we're living in a motel, we've had our car repossessed, we have no money for rent or food, I've tried... but can't quit drinking. Could you please help?" Then... in an (almost) audible voice. Like a whisper. I sensed these words: "All that you need is already inside you. You have to want to quit". From that moment on, I QUIT.

Fisrst, 10 minutes went by. Then 30 minutes. Then an hour. Then 4 o'clock came and went (the time I would start drinking, everyday). Then, time for bed. The three nights of the worst nightmares imaginable. Still no alcohol. Then... one week, then two weeks. (my God... what is happening to me?) Then a month. (now, I know something big is happening. I had not gone a month with out alcohol since I was a teenager). Next... six months.

After that... one full year that was alcohol free! I COULD NOT BELIEVE IT! Immediately... on that day... I set my goal for two years. THAT HAPPENED. Then three! Amazing... year after year. No alcohol. People who have never believed in God have told me "God MUST be real, if YOU can stop drinking like that.... that's a miracle!"

SO! Here are my three easy steps to stop drinking alcohol forever:

Step 1) you have to want to quit

Step 2) you have to want to quit

Step 3) you have to want to quit

It also helps if you have faith and read the word.


Brian S.

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About the Author

Brian's life was plagued by alcoholism for 29 years. He blamed everything and everybody for his addiction. In reality, he accepted the problem as being a part of life he would die with. This was not so. He wanted to quit drinking alcohol but his body wouldn't let him. Finally, the battle with alcoholism was won... in his mind. Then, it was just a matter of time until his mind and body worked together and defeated the giant. Now, Brian and his wife are prosperous, have a small business, a fine vehicle, eat whatever and spend as they like. He thanks God for showing him how to fill his time with dreams, positive healthy thoughts a clean lifestyle and wisdom not to look back.

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