How to Profitably Turn Your Store Front Business Into an Online Business

by Hans Klein

First, you may be asking, "Why would anybody want to do business on the Internet? Didn't the Internet Burst?"

How can it have, when it never exploded? The only thing that exploded were companies that built their business on speculation.

Let me explain. The Internet has only been used for commercial purposes for around 10 years. Ever since its conception, it has continued to grow. Right now it is STILL growing. It has never stopped. More and more people are opening up their wallets, taking out their credit cards and spending money online.

Just the other day, I was surprised when my elderly mother bought her first ebook online. Of course, she needed me to help her figure out how to open it, but she has come to trust the Internet. I see this situation becoming more and more common as the Internet matures.

Now, you may be saying, " Yes, I understand the Internet is growing, but is anybody actually making money? Why should I take the chance of failing?"

Most people are not making much money online. The reason: they don't understand how it works. There are many misconceptions: all you have to do is throw a website together, send out Spam email, and you will make tons of money. Then when people get online, they are shocked because that is not how it works. They then fail because they are not willing to learn what is takes to succeed.

The people who are making money online are the ones who learned from their mistakes and paid attention to people who are making money online.

If you are ready to learn, increase your profits, and achieve your financial dreams, please continue reading.

First Steps

  1. Read, ask, and read some more. This is the best way to learn, because it's a lot cheaper than wasting money on a worthless operating service, or promotion technique.

    Some message boards where top marketers commonly answer questions are: (BizWeb2000)

    At these boards there are many people with Internet marketing experience. They can help point you in the right direction.
  2. Test your online market. The best way to test you market is to write an article and ask for feedback. Find other people in your field and ask them what they think. Even if you own a craft store, you can write about that. People always want information on how to do something they are interested in.
  3. Take action. Once you have gotten good feedback, understand how to start an online business, and have a basic idea on how promote, get started.

This may sound like a lot to do, but remember you are building an online BUSINESS. Building a business takes work, but if you succeed, the benefits are priceless.

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