A Passion For Success

by Uche Onyema

Dream of the ideal job for a minute. You wake up in the morning about 8.30am or whatever time you choose and do a one-minute commute down the stairs to your cosy home office at the other end of your house. Still in your pyjamas, you begin the day's work with a nice cup of coffee with your favourite CD playing in the background. After a couple of hours work you decide to take a break to watch your favourite program on TV, spend some time with your family and get something to eat.

After having a shower you go back to work for another couple of hours. Later on you look out through the window and see a beautiful sunny day and before long your kids come calling to ask you to take them to the beach. So you decide to stop work for the day, because you would rather be in the sun, and rush off to get your swim suit, towel etc, jump into the car along with your spouse and kids and head for the local beach. It is a weekday and most people are at work so you pick the best spot on the beach and enjoy the sights and sounds of nature, without the usual traffic of people walking around and all over you.

After a couple of hours and a nice tan you head back home. When you get to your PC you notice there is a new email message in your in box with the subject "Congratulations, You Have Just Earned a Commission". That's right, you were making money while soaking in the sun on the beach because you automated your marketing tools.

OK. Time to wake up. This dream may seem unrealistic but there are many people in the Internet Marketing industry living such dream lives. That is the beauty of an internet based business. You can make money 24/7 even while you are asleep or on holiday, also because of the global accessibility of the internet you can work from anywhere you choose even on a cruise ship in the Caribbean. However there are also many others who have failed to achieve this dream because they failed to turn their desires into burning passions that drive them to success.

Many of us need to be stimulated into action by something or an event in our lives. It may be we hate or lost our jobs or we feel unappreciated and poorly paid. In my case, after the birth of my son I felt obligated to improve my life and become financially independent because I was spending more time with my colleagues than I did with my son, and by the time I got back home he was asleep. Most 9-5 workers spend about 10 hours a day travelling and working at the office and most will do so until they retire at the age of 65 with little to show for it. I dreaded this thought so much, it inspired me turn my desire for financial independence into a burning passion.

To succeed in internet marketing, or any other business for that matter, we must first turn our desires into passions that push us onto success and helps us persevere when things are difficult. Many people fail in business simply because they failed to persevere during the hard times. On the other hand rich and successful folks believe firmly in the sayings "There is only one way to fail and that is to quit" and "quitters never win, winners never quit". They write down their goals and read them aloud daily until their dream becomes a strong desire, and then the desire becomes a burning passion backed up by an unshakeable faith, so strong they can visualise their success long before they have achieved it and even before they have a plan for achieving it. They truly believe they will succeed and this is exactly what spurs them on to persevere until they strike gold.

Practice writing down your dreams and aspirations in the form of a mission statement and recite it aloud day and night until your desires becomes a burning passion. The human mind has a tendency to believe the things it hears over and over again irrespective of how difficult or incredible it may sound. By reading aloud your desires and goals daily you will eventually convince yourself that you can and will achieve your dreams and there would be a burning passion within you that will not rest until you do so.

You will be amazed how your brain will come up with lots of intelligent ideas and plans for attaining your goals and your faith will become so strong that you will persevere no matter how difficult it may seem. Your mission statement should be clear and state exactly what you want to achieve, what date you want to achieve it by and the exact amount of money you want to be earning by that date. Avoid wishful words like "want" in your mission statement and use definite words like "will" instead. For example "I will achieve financial independence by 20 November 2005 and I will earn $5000 per month as an affiliate for ABC Corporation."

It may take a few days or weeks to get used to reading your mission statement aloud, and you family may think you are crazy, but soon you will have turned your desires into a burning passion for success, the kind seen in millionaires. And remember, when bright new ideas and plans start to flood your thoughts write them down and follow them through with the passion burning deep within you. This is the formula for success that so many have used to make fortunes. You too can do the same.

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