Sugar and it's Other Uses

How Sugar Can Improve Your Complexion

by Khandyse Simpson

Sugar is mainly an additive for things like coffee, cereal, tea, oatmeal and such. But it is not only for food. Sugar is nature's scrub. Used simultaneously with soap sugar can be a wonderful thing.


  1. Soap up your rag as usual at the time you use to bathe.
  2. Make sure you have a cup setting near by and don't let it get wet.
  3. Make a lather in your washrag and then pour some soap in the rag ad rub it into the lather.
  4. Wash all over with it. Have someone standing by to wash your back.
  5. Pour as needed until you have finished bathing.

You will feel smooth. Not soft. Smooth. And you will love it. It should last at least 4 days to a week. Then do it again. It's a lot cheaper than paying for some special scrub. When you grocery shop plan to buy a little extra sugar.

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