Up To $4,000/Day Watching TV Shows
by Kayla Fry 

Do you enjoy watching television? Would you like to use your television as a means of generating income? One way is to put the home shopping shows to use. Through a careful study of your local market for a wide range of consumer products you soon realize that the home shopping shows occasionally offer some real bargains. You can buy the merchandise and resell it at a profit, or contact the seller of the item and serve as a middleman to buyers that only you know, and collect for your services.

Another way to make money from watching television is to watch the infomercials now filling the airwaves and become at television ad representative. You maybe able to swing some of the infomercial advertisers to your own media outlets. Despite the dollar volume of work available, there are so many television stations that this is a highly competitive industry, with stations scrambling for advertisers. Because of the intense competition for the customer's dollar, there are lucrative business opportunities open to those individuals who are able to line up customers for the stations, customers they probably would have missed otherwise. These individuals are brokers.

The broker's role is to find customers who are in the market for television time.. The broker funnels in the advertisers to the stations with whom he has established working relationships. By specializing in connecting the customer with the stations, the broker performs an important middleman function that stations are willing to pay a good commission for.

Television is a highly competitive business, and advertising rates vary widely forms station to station.. Often, even large stations don't have the marketing staff to keep as much advertising in the pipeline as they need. This is where the broker come in. As a broker, it will be your job to uncover new business for your station clients.

In dealing with advertisers, you will have to demonstrate that you can save them time and money with a combination of "inside" knowledge and attention to detail. Because a customer's budget for the production of television ads is always limited, he will usually have to choose where to spend the money most effectively. He will invariably demonstrate great concern for the impact he's getting for his dollar. The broker can help the customer make these important decisions.

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