Hassle-Free Testimonials And Blockbuster Profits

by Robert Hawkins

You've probably heard that using testimonials in your marketing can really boost your profits.

Well, I've proved it.

The reality is, you'll never find a better way to effortlessly raise your bottom line.

Would it help if I could show you in a few brief words exactly how to get as many testimonials as you want, how to get them on autopilot and exactly how to use them in your marketing for maximum profits?

OK. Let's see how this works.

I've just received an email containing a batch of testimonials. Twelve letter-sized pages of great things people have recently said about my company. This is just an extract from the latest bunch to arrive.

What can I do with these? Well, how about this:

I can think of all the reasons people might NOT take up my offer. For each objection, I can find someone who has given me a relevant testimonial and answer the objection with SOMEONE ELSE'S positive experience -- that's powerful.

Something like: "If you're wondering if our new mobile phone can REALLY talk directly to your dog, just listen to what pet-lover Mrs ABC from Ohio said after purchasing hers back in May...[testimonial here]...".

I can scatter these throughout my sales letter or website, stating and overcoming objections in the most powerful way - - and each is one step closer to a sale.

Or, I can add page after page of testimonials to my website. Visitors may not read them all, but the weight of numbers becomes overwhelming. And I can highlight certain key phrases so that they jump off the page. A powerful inducement for a visitor to buy, if he feels that others who have faced that decision before him are pleased with THEIR decision to purchase.

And, you know what? It just makes you feel good to get them -- knowing that people are GLAD they purchased from you.

What have I done to obtain these testimonials? Well, absolutely nothing in the last three or four years -- it's all on autopilot.

Let me show you what I did back then which results in an ongoing flood of testimonials -- we have hundreds and hundreds and hundreds -- you could paper the walls of our offices with them.

But first, before you think about collecting testimonials, you must start with an excellent product. Who's going to rave about a piece of garbage?

Only a liar or someone who's been bribed. Or perhaps your cousin.

And you need excellent customer service for the same reason.

Here's what I did: I put together a list of 5 simple questions which, if I could get them answered by my customers, would lead to the information I want to obtain.

Take a look at the exact questions I use:

(Check this out for yourself -- if you answer these questions as if you were a happy customer, you'll see that the answers will provide exactly what is needed for powerful "before & after" testimonials).

  1. Have you used a (describe your service here) service other than (your company)'s?
    1. If "YES"
      1. What did you not like about the (your type of service here) service you were doing business with before?
      2. How would you say (your company)'s service is different from your previous (your type of service)? Can you give an example?
    2. If "NO"
      1. What did you not like about the situation you were in before using (your company)'s service?
  2. What made you decide to become a (your company) client?
  3. When you think about using (your company)'s (your type of service), what do you like most about the service?
  4. Could you tell me about a particularly good experience you've had with (your company)?
  5. Would you recommend (your company) to another person? What would you tell them?

Then, I just ASKED my customers to answer the questions!

How do you get people to respond to your request? Well, I chose NOT to compensate them in any way. But that's just because I didn't have to.

There are two reasons for this. One I REALLY put together a customer service masterpiece. Our clients have a TERRIFIC experience. They feel grateful and are happy to do something in return for us. Also, we keep in touch with our clients, by telephone and by post, regularly, in the course of doing business. So it's easy to slip in a request for a survey or a questionnaire at a time when they are naturally feeling good as result of our service.

It will probably be different for you, and you shouldn't hesitate to give your people something in return for the time and effort they will need to take in sending you information. A special report, an article, a free ebook -- items like this are perfect as free bonus gifts for completing your survey.

I simply automated things so that these surveys go out at pre-determined points. You can do this with an autoresponder service or a postal letter, as appropriate.

And that's how to get all the testimonials you need, and how to use them in your marketing -- on your website, and in your sales letters, for a terrific boost in profits.

© 2003 by Robert Hawkins

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