The Value of Value

by Ryan Hamner

In designing your content, for whatever it may be, it is crucial to focus on value. In particular, I am talking about the value of your website's content. This is what will ultimately build repeat traffic to your website and gain the trust of your visitors.

So you might send 2 million emails every week inviting folks to your website, but what good is traffic if you can't hold a visitor's attention? If you can't establish yourself (your website) as an authority on the subject matter you represent and gain their trust. This is especially important with affiliated marketing. When I am looking at new affiliate marketing programs, I don't want to just logon to a site and see a never-ending page of banners, I want some information on the programs, maybe a testimonial, the commission structure, the key points right out in front.

Building the value of your website is a never-ending process. It involves consistent monitoring, tweaking and flexibility. So as you design your content, remember the value of value!

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About the Author

Ryan Hamner is the creator and author of - The Ultimate eBay Selling Program & - Affiliate Marketing Directory.

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