What Do You Want?

by Jan Tincher

Learn to form pictures of what you want. If you don't think you are visual, think again. For instance, if I asked you to see a pink elephant in your mind, don't you think you can do that? How about a black cat? A green tree? You used your visual mode for all of them. So, get ready to use it for this, and have a little faith, OK?

As I mentioned, learn to form pictures of what you want. Start with the main item -- let's say it's a car -- and make it the best one you can. Once your picture is formed, look at it from each and every angle.

Now, try adding new elements to the picture. Like you're driving in it, going down the interstate on vacation or whatever. Or you're having your picture taken in it. Or you're parking it in your garage for the evening after having a terrific day driving all around, showing it to your friends. How does that look?

Now, try removing some elements from the picture. If it was a four-door sedan, remove two doors and make it a two-door sedan. Experiment.

Now, try changing some elements. Maybe you don't like the color, so change it. Maybe you don't like where it's at, so change that. Remove a decal on the bumper, or add one. Do something with the outside mirrors, mud flaps, running boards, whatever. Make it an entirely different model, if you want.

Now, look at it from the inside, the outside, below, and above. Look at it from nearby and far away. Get used to changing things until it is perfect for you. Once it's perfect, that's the picture you need to see. That's what you will see in reality if you are very consistent and persistent. Now, try that with other things in your life. Find out how much fun life can really be.

Good luck!

Copyright 2001, Jan Tincher, All Rights Reserved Worldwide

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